Movies With A View Rendezvous in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Movies With a View in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Rendezvous En New York

This summer, I didn’t do much along the ways of traveling. I’m not complaining, honestly. My whole summer was pretty much a staycation vibe. Not because I didn’t want to travel but because with family visiting consistently and last-minute, it just didn’t fit into my plans. So I did what anyone else would do and made the best of it.

One of the ways I decided to be outdoors more even though I hate this oppressive heat was to head to Brooklyn Bridge Park and enjoy their summer movie series called “Movies With A View“.

What Is The “Movies With A View” series about?

Lawn in Brooklyn Bridge Park for Movies With a View , Rendezvous En New YorkThe program, Movies With A View, began back in 2000 and it occurs during the months of July and August. The screenings happen every Thursday on the lawn near Pier 1. The setting is perfect to get a breeze from the East River and see the beautiful views until the sun goes down and the movie starts. The line-up of the scheduled movies span classics and new releases. It makes sense since one of the major sponsors is Netflix and BamCinématek, Smorgasburg, and Brooklyn Radio were partners. So the movies were the best, the shorts reflected the community, the music was bumping and the food was delicious.

Movies and What Else?

Movies With a View in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Rendezvous En New YorkThe show starts with a DJ playing music at 6 pm and unfortunately I didn’t get to enjoy the dance party. Smorgasburg had food and beer for sale just off the lawn, which included Homes Frites, Musser’s Famous Crab Cake Sandwiches, Burgers Supreme, Wood Fired Edibles and Bona Bona Ice Cream.  So all you need to bring is a blanket and bug spray. The lawn opens up at 6 pm and the pre-show starts at 7:30 pm, so you get to relax, eat and talk before the film.Movies With a View in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Rendezvous En New York

Each Summer is centered around a theme and it was “She Directs” everything was related to women’s advancement in the film industry. The theme was consistent with every detail, the DJ was a woman, the short film before the main feature was made by a woman and the feature film, Wonder Woman, starred a female lead and was directed by a woman. And the best part was that I hadn’t seen it before! I know that I am super late and it was pretty good.

And What About This View?

Movies With a View in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Rendezvous En New York

I can’t truthfully say that I was really distracted by the view! I kept taking pictures and I am sure that the people around me thought that I was following someone closer to the movie screen.  The movie was entertaining, the view was amazing, the breeze cooled us down and the food was good. My only issue was that a lot of food was sold out by the end of the long lines because the crowds were larger than expected.  I can’t wait until next summer to make this a ritual, looking at the stars, watching a movie, eating fresh french fries on a blanket, so simple but the best night ever!

Have you gone to the Movies With A View, in Brooklyn Bridge Park? Or maybe you’ve done this somewhere else? Tell me all about it in the comments, I can imagine the other locations that would be amazing for this kind of event. Is there a special event that you take part of in the Summer that is special to you? Let’s keep the conversation going.

Movies With a View in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Rendezvous En New York

Until our next rendezvous…



18 thoughts on “Movies With A View Rendezvous in Brooklyn Bridge Park

  1. That was mighty fine entertainment! The special event of my summer was watching my daughter and grandson cavort in the big stream below a waterfall. I would have frozen in the water. As it was, I baked in the hot air. It was worth it to watch them having such a good time.

    1. That must have been beautiful to watch! Did you take pictures? I totally baked in the hot air walking across the Brooklyn Bridge before I got to the pier.

      1. Yes, I had pictures which they enjoyed. I missed the video, though. It didn’t turn out well. This was the first time we three had been near a real swimming hole. Wouldn’t it have been great to share — your movie and city-scape with our frigid water in the mountains?

  2. And what a view it is! We actually rarely make it out for the public movie screenings, it ends up being a little too crowded and we find it difficult to focus on the movie (we’re those people who go to early matinees, so it’s just us a handful of retirees). But I’m glad that they have so many options now and I’d love to catch one right before the season ends when the weather is a little cooler!

    1. Unfortunately, the movies at Brooklyn Bridge Park are over for the season, and the latest running ones are Governors Island and Pier 17 which I believe just ended this week. I had planned to go earlier in the season but this time was the only day that worked out. The one advantage to those spots as opposed to other parks is that there is a breeze from the water.

    2. I love matinées too! But this wasn’t bad actually, if I had got there earlier I would’ve been closer to the screen but I really didn’t expect that many people would be there.

  3. What a great evening that sounds! Love the idea. We recently went to our first out door cinema experience, and I really loved the atmosphere that just watching a film in a field seemed to create. I like things that are a little different. Sounds fab x

    1. Thank you! I do try! It isn’t all doom and gloom here even though we are a big city. I thought that we were closer to nine million by now. I do remember that phrase, although I didn’t know where the phrase originated from. Today it is actually pouring rain. Stay safe with the upcoming storms that they are forecasting. Thank you for visiting!

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