NYC Tourist Tips from Johnny T

Sunset on the expressway

I know that a lot of stereotypes exist about New Yorkers, I’m not that naïve to think that a lot of people haven’t seen comedy sketches of the rude smelly taxi drivers, Mafia bosses, streets full of thieves, hostile angry New Yorkers ready to scream at you if you approach them. Yes those people actually exist but they exist anywhere and not in one specific geographic location of the Earth called to it like a siren’s song. It makes for good comedy sketches though and that segues into the video I have embedded into my post, “NYC Tourist Tips from Johnny T“, it is two years old but still holds up and makes me chuckle every time I watch.

It’s a tongue in cheek look at how tourists need to behave when they visit the amazing metropolis that is NYC. It is what I would tell people as they get on the subway from JFK airport looking like a deer caught in headlights frightened to even speak to anyone  and ask directions for fear they’ll be attacked by some random thief,(rolling my eyes as I type). Please enjoy and I would love to hear your comments about this video and how you see it from a non New Yorkers perspective, it’s definitely not Taylor Swift. Take it away Johnny T….

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Rendezvous en New York

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