Photo Walk With Girl Gotta Hike for OutDoorFest

Photo Walk with Girl Gotta Hike, Rendezvous En New York

It had to be Tuesday or Wednesday during the week when my mind jumped forward o the weekend. And I wondered where will I take pictures for the content that I would post during the week. Unfortunately, it isn’t random for me, I actually plan most of the times what I post on Instagram and Twitter. And while searching through Eventbrite led me to an event for a Photo Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge led by the founder of Girl Gotta Hike, Melissa Goodwin. I figured that I could always use more pointers to improve my skill in photography and there’s hardly anything more picturesque than the Brooklyn Bridge.

It was held in tandem with OutDoor Fest, a week-long event that encourages New Yorkers to play in nature, and different businesses host events through them. Girl Gotta Hike’s mission is encouraging women to get out and hike in abundant nature of New York State. In fact, on the site she states;

Many women have wanderlust for the woods but find that taking time for themselves in this era of over-connectedness is a challenge unto itself. By purposefully stepping outside and breathing in open air, Girl Gotta Hike believes the mental and physical benefits of hiking help us to recharge and be more present in the everyday at work, at home and with our relationships.

Girl, go hiking!

Please do check out her website and tell her that I sent you. How could I pass that up? And to top it off, I would be receiving coaching on my photography, walking on the bridge, meeting new people all for free, my favorite price point!!!

What Happened on The Photo Walk With Girl Gotta Hike?

I jumped on getting my ticket and downloading it to my phone. We all met Melissa Goodwin at the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge and had an impromptu photography class before we started to walk across it. We went over F Stops, aperture, manual mode and what each does.  It was at least an hour before the sun started to set. It was super relaxed and Melissa was super attentive to questions.

She gave us pointers while we walked.  We were supposed to focus on; the law of thirds, which using imaginary lines to break up the picture in three equal parts to give the object interest; and leading lines, which is the use of lines in the photo to lead your eye to the subject for example. So I tried to keep a lot in my head while I shot and to change my settings according to the shifting light because it went from overcast to partly cloudy with the setting sun.

Here Are My “Best” Shots

I put quotes around best because I know that I can get better than the shots I took that day with all the new information in my head and undoing the bad habits I had fallen into. The tips that Melissa gave worked whether or not you had an expensive DSLR or were just using a cell phone camera.

Here are the best of what I took that day;

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Girl Gotta Hike is a business that I would love to go on a hike with especially to catch more shots of nature in upstate New York. She is currently offering free guided monthly hikes along the Metro-North lines. If you are up for a decent hike you should check Melissa out. She very knowledgeable and patient.

Do you seek out cool events like these in your city? Have you ever done a photo walk? Got any photography tips to share with me? Tell me all about it in the comments below, let’s keep the conversation going!Photo Walk with Girl Gotta Hike, Rendezvous En New York

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29 thoughts on “Photo Walk With Girl Gotta Hike for OutDoorFest

  1. Great photos Trudy. Don’t sell yourself short. It is always good to know tips for making shots a little more interesting. I’m glad it was a good day out. And if you have never done it, a walk across the Manhattan Bridge gets you those cool downtown pics WITH the Brooklyn Bridge as a backdrop too. And its way less crowded!

    1. No, I haven’t done it yet. I will get to it just way too fascinated with the other bridge. I will get to it soon, also there’s that pesky fear of heights thing.

        1. I was talking to the other people on the walk and we all said that is the best one to walk because of the view. I just have never tried. I don’t even know where the beginning is in Brooklyn! I’ve only walked under it! Hahaha!

            1. I’ve stood at the entrance on Canal and I think the size of it all made me nervous! But I’ll try it out when I get someone to walk with me.

  2. You captured some real gems, Trudy! I loved the photo walk we took with NYC Photo Safari too, but if I’m completely honest, I don’t think I have the patience to be a good photographer. I’m too impatient! But thank goodness there are lots of photographers I can admire instead 🙂

    1. You are outright insane! You’re a great photographer! All the food and location photos you’ve taken are so good. I especially admired the Mermaid Parade ones. Do not sell yourself short, my dear!

        1. Thank you, I’m trying! I enjoy it most of the time when my battery isn’t dying or my camera isn’t misbehaving. It’s becoming like any other muscle I suppose. The more I try the better they’ll start to look to me, lol.

  3. I have never taken a photo walk, but I do take lots of photos on the walks that I take. 🙂 I love that there are planned photo walks though, and I’d love to take on that challenge sometime.

    Beautiful photos!

    1. You should search in your area on Eventbrite. It didn’t even occur to me that something that good would be offered for free and be so much fun!

  4. I like them all but the seventh one down of the tall shot of the bridge…that one is cool. You definitely follow the lines in that shot.

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