Photo101 : Something Treasured



The most treasured things are the things that you can’t hold and are fleeting.

Until our next rendezvous..

Rendezvous en New York


11 thoughts on “Photo101 : Something Treasured

    1. Yes it’s a phenomenon we have in New York called Manhattanhenge when the setting sun aligns with the streets and everyone is taking pictures in the middle of the road! It can be crazy, it only happens a certain cross streets and it’s better than what I captured. I’m going to try again.

      1. Waou, that’s pretty awesome! I guess it can be crazy, you made me want to look into it 🙂 will be eagerly waiting for your pics !

        1. I forgot the last date so I have to look it up as well, I hope that I didn’t miss it because I wasn’t able to catch it in June.

        2. Okay next one will be July 12\13,2015. If you have Instagram search under the hashtag #Manhattanhenge for awesome shots.

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