Pillow Fight NYC 2015

Pillow Fight NYC 2015

On the first beautiful Saturday afternoon of this month, I planned to meet with a couple of friends to go to Pillow Fight NYC 2015. , organized by New Mind Space . My friends really wanted me to go and since I was going to be in Manhattan for the Macy’s Flower Show anyway I thought, “Why not?” . I’ve never gone to an event like this and if I get to unwind by beating the crap out of strangers that will make it all the more amazing.

The event was held in Washington Square Park and the mission was to bring new pillows to the fight and after you use them for fighting, to donate them to homeless shelters in the Bronx , Brooklyn and Manhattan. It was a three-hour long pillow fight with people in pajamas, mascot costumes and cosplay outfits. Once the fight started, so did the screaming and people began chasing the mascots around the park giving them the supreme beat down. Those poor mascots! The park continued to fill up even the planned event was counting down to the end.

After about an hour, the air become white and cloudy from the pillows breaking open by people who were taking this more seriously than me. Fluff was everywhere, on our clothes, on the ground, on my lashes! It was a great break during my hectic Saturday for a good cause and I think I will revisit again next year because I definitely didn’t get enough shots in. All though I hear that this event happens around the world yearly, I haven’t seen any footage from the other sites, yet. It was definitely a great big kid moment, that is, once I found my friends. Watch the video below to see me caught in corner trying to get through the mêlée, the funniest parts are the conversations picked up in the video. Would you join in on the pillow fight if invited ?


Rendezvous en New York

24 thoughts on “Pillow Fight NYC 2015

    1. I was overwhelmed by the size of it . It was fun. Next time I won’t be recording so there will be no mercy on them, lol!

  1. What a hoot! Bet that got rid of any residual introverted feelings! All signed up for the next course. Thanks for the thumbs up.

    1. There might have been one since its held on the same day each year, I believe ,the first Saturday in April. It was huge I wish I had gotten a better view from where I was.

    1. You should do a search because when I looked up the beginnings, it was described as a world event. Hope you get a chance to participate!

        1. It was mostly students from New York University in ours. What kind of social action could you link to it in Paris? Here it was homelessness. That would be cool to do there near the Arc de Triomphe, it resembles the arch in our park here, twin pillow fights.

    1. You can always join next year right? Make a trip to visit home around that time just to beat people silly with some pillows. Haha!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, your compliment means a lot! Do you have any critique on the post itself? I’d love any feedback you could give.

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