A Quick Stop At Broadway Bites

Pop-up market Broadway Bites

After taking pictures of Manhattanhenge, and failing miserably, Karina and I were hot and hungry. We walked along 34th street towards the park on Broadway, Greely Square Park, and decided to grab a meal at Broadway Bites.

Broadway Bites
Broadway Bites

Broadway Bites is a pop-up market that shows up at this spot at least twice a year and I wanted to check out the vendor line up. I was thinking about dessert instead of dinner, as usual. Karina was ravenous and spotted what she wanted immediately, a lobster roll from Red Hook Lobster Pound.

To be more precise a lobster roll B.L.T. and a Nutella and banana crêpe from Bar Suzette and we had all of fifteen minutes to order before the shops closed. Meanwhile, I didn’t find dessert but I figured out my dinner at my favorite hot dog spot, Asia Dog, where the all-American hot dog meets Asian toppings. I got a veggie hot dog with kimchi and seaweed flakes (called the Ginny) and another veggie hot dog with veggie pâté, aioli, cucumbers,  pickled carrot, daikon, cilantro,  jalapeño ( called a Vinh dog, ban mi style) and to make it extra special the sriracha bottle cap exploded off and dumped an obscene amount of extra spicy sriracha on my hot dog. Yes, this is my life.

Sriracha explosion on my hot dog at Broadway Bites
Sriracha explosion on my hot dog at Broadway Bites
Broadway Bites
Broadway Bites

We felt so much better after we ate and it was all delicious and it was an awesome spontaneous night. Do you have food pop-ups in your area like Broadway Bites? What are they like? I’d like to hear about it, please tell me in the comments below.

Until our next rendezvous…



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13 thoughts on “A Quick Stop At Broadway Bites

  1. Manhattanhenge…soooo very cool. Did you make that up, or is that a saying in New York these days. I was born in New York, well…Long Island. This is a very cool piece on a piece of NY. Love your blog.

  2. I waved at you today as we skirted the city. We drove from Allentown to Stony Brook via the GWB and Throgs Neck. I was yakking with our grandsons and didn’t pay much attention to the city out the window. I thought of you, though. Hope you were having a great day.

    1. That was so lovely, I hope you had a great time today. It was beautiful today the drive must have scenic. I’m glad that you thought of me during what sounds like an amazing day.

  3. Hi Trudy, I love food corts and pop-ups so I loved your post! I can’t think of any of this here in Paris but I discovered a good one in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago. Delicious mediterranean food! I will be publishing a post about it very soon.

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