Rendezvous at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park 

Bethesda Fountain in Central Park , NYC

Even though I live in New York City, there are places that I don’t get to visit often because the city is just that huge. Central Park is, unfortunately, one of those places. And the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park is my magical meeting place. The Bethesda Fountain is romantic, serene and beautiful. And I’m thinking, there have been quite a few proposals planned here as well.

I’m sure that you’ve seen it on social media snapshots many times without realizing where it’s located. It is a really romantic spot to sit after a long walk in the park. The boathouse is on the other side of the terrace with rowboats to rent and if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can hire the gondolier. The day that I was enjoying the fountain, there was a ballerina dressed in black, performing in front of the fountain. So fancy!

 I’ll fill you in on some history behind the fountain and why it is so special. The topper to the fountain itself is an angel, called the Angel of the Waters. And that angel is said to be keeping the waters clean and disease free because it is facing what was then the city’s reservoir supply and sculpted by Emma Stebbins, the first woman given a major commission to sculpt for the city. The interesting and sad part of this story is that her partner Charlotte Cushman, a famous actress at the time, suffered from breast cancer. She later died after trying water therapy didn’t work to cure her cancer.

The fountain is where the Susan G. Komen walk for breast cancer research ends every year. It’s a sad addendum but lovely to think there was that much love put into the sculpture because Stebbings thought of Cushman as her angel. The sculpture is meant to represent healing, purity love and serenity. And even though the park and fountain had become neglected during the 1980’s, it has since been restored to its former glory.

Bethesda Fountain in Central Park in NYC
Bethesda Fountain in Central Park in NYC

The next time you are in Central Park, make sure you take a picture under the Angel of the Waters and watch the people of the city pass you by in one of the most serene spots in the city. You can let the city fall away while you stare at the rowboats gliding across the water, ballerinas in tutus or the opera singers under the stairs.

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Until our next rendezvous my lovelies…


Rendezvous en New York

19 thoughts on “Rendezvous at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park 

  1. I have never been there, but you get to see it often on TV. I am always amazed at how big Central Park is, at least it seems huge, but I know it cannot be that big. Seen from the air, its just a postage stamp of green…

    1. It’s huge to me, I’ve never seen everything because it is such a maze of different things. I don’t think you could fit seeing all of it in one day. The reservoirs, the bridges, the man made lakes, the sheep meadow, Strawberry Fields, etc. And even then, my feet would be a swollen mess. I hope that you get to visit one day!

  2. Wow such a small world! I’ve lived in NYC my whole life and went to the fountain just the other day with some friends! I’ve been trying to take more advantage of what the city has to offer! 😀

    1. There’s so much to see here. So it makes it easy to miss something as iconic as the fountain unless you live in that neighborhood. And Summer has so many events it can be overwhelming. Have a good time seeing everything!!

    1. Yes it really beautiful! I didn’t get to walk all of it because it was late in the day, so I was tired but I’ll add more pictures this Spring/Summer.

      1. Ooh I must do somewhere! But think saved on a CD somewhere. Now I used to people watch in Shakespeare’s garden, but not here. Maybe I will this time!

    1. It’s dead center of the park near the 72nd street entrance, make sure that you check the maps when you get inside because the roads fork and lead you in different directions.

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