Rendezvous At Hooked On 12th

Hooked on 12th, Brooklyn NY Rendezvous En New York

This summer while in the area of Prospect Park after attending CurlFest, I was starving. My friends and I were dehydrated and tired from being in the park under the full glare of the New York summer sun. When we left the park, I got on my phone to open my usual apps to find a restaurant close by, hopefully with air conditioning.  About two blocks away from the park, walked into Hooked On 12th. Hooked On 12th  is located at 1123 8th Ave, in Brooklyn, NY 11215. UPDATE: Hooked On 12th has changed its name to 12th Street Bar & Grill

Hooked On 12th is located inside of a charming brick building with wood floors and authentic tin ceilings in Park Slope. Park Slope is a beautiful neighborhood full of brownstones that makes for lovely walks in between bars and restaurants. It is a lovely and cozy part of town that I don’t get to often enough.

What Did I Order At Hooked On 12th?

The menu choices weren’t very varied but in a good way. I usually take forever to order because I am overwhelmed by all the choices. The menu is modern American with a touch of flavors from the chef’s travels around the world. I was excited to see a couple of dishes with a Caribbean flair to them, like the jerk chicken wing that we ordered as an appetizer and the whole red snapper in escovitch sauce. I ended up choosing a turkey burger with frizzled onions, fries and homemade ketchup for my entreé. I didn’t realize how hungry I was until the baskets of fresh bread were empty and my plate was cleared. Our bellies were very happy. Hooked on 12th Brooklyn, NY, Rendezvous En New York

What Did I Think Of Hooked On 12th?

I hadn’t heard of the restaurant beforehand and it was a last minute choice so the fact that the food and service were so good makes it a happy accident. I would definitely visit again and the pricing was reasonable. The one thing that I regret was that we didn’t get to try a dessert, and that was because we were too full from our entreé. If you are in for an intimate lunch or a neighborhood date night, I think you should try out this little find on 8th Avenue.

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Rendezvous At Hooked on 12th Brooklyn, NY Rendezvous En NewYork

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12 thoughts on “Rendezvous At Hooked On 12th

  1. Park Slope is such a cute area! We used to visit Dizzy’s and grab some honey biscuits — I’m kind of getting hungry just thinking about it! We haven’t been back in a while but will definitely make a note of this place for next time. You know we love our food ?

    1. It was a great find. And I’m happy that we experienced it that day. Now I have another place to return to that neighborhood. I’ll try to keep adding on reasons.

  2. Looks delicious!

    I LOVE it when you make a quick decision, but it turns out to be a good’un! That looks filling but yummy!

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