Rendezvous At Pier 2 in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Rollerskating Pier 2 at Brooklyn Bridge Park, NYC Rendezvous En New York

Yes, I am writing about Brooklyn Bridge Park again, as I have said before it is one of my favorite places. So, whenever I have family come and visit me that is where I take them for at least one day during their visit. Do you know how most people end up at Central Park? Well, my essential tourist spot that hasn’t been overdone yet is Brooklyn Bridge Park. There are still tourists but at least it’s not completely overrun in the early Spring and late Autumn.

On this rendezvous, I didn’t venture through the whole park because that is just asking trouble for my feet. The park has been growing in size almost every year, by reclaiming the piers that were used for shipping. They have now become a recreational space. Space has been re-used so beautifully and with great planning. Today I headed to Pier 2 of the park. It is used mainly for activities that break a sweat. This is where the basketball courts, shuffleboard, handball court, soccer pitch, bocce ball, ping pong tables, swings, and roller skating rink are located. The swings weren’t finished being installed when I went, I could’ve given her a run for her money there too.

I came to Pier 2 to use the roller skating rink. I used to skate so much as a preteen. I wanted to get back into it and show my niece why I loved it so much. Especially since four-wheeled skates are considered retro cool now.

Rollerskating Pier 2 at Brooklyn Bridge Park, NYC Rendezvous En New York

Rollerskating at Pier 2

Rollerskating Pier 2 at Brooklyn Bridge Park, NYC Rendezvous En New York

On the day that we visited the rink, I was lucky enough to score a deal on a themed free skate day. We got our lockers for our sneakers and our backpacks and changed. We only had to pay for the rental fees on our skates and not the rink, so definitely in budget considering that it was the two of us.

Boy, did I forget how to skate!!? My niece had never skated, so she wasn’t doing laps around me but both of us were like newborn deer on wobbly legs. I ended up borrowing a skating aid ( it looks like an elderly person walker and it’s so sexy) while everyone else in the rink was bopping and gliding to the beat of the music over the speakers. It was hysterical !! We carefully circled the rink for a full hour and a half. My thighs were on fire, in case you needed an idea of a new workout to try. My niece fell about twice and to my credit, I didn’t fall until I left the rink to change into my shoes. Facepalm!!!

Pier 2 rollerskating rink at Brooklyn Bridge Park, NYC , Rendezvous En New York

Where To After The Rollerskating Rink?

After getting our bearings, we did a little walking to get a meal to eat. There are a lot of options in the park. But, since we were so hungry, we wanted something quick. I decided to go to one of my favorites, Shake Shack. This chain has grown so quickly from the first permanent location in Madison Square Park in Manhattan in 2004. It still serves some of my favorite burgers and fries.

Shake Shack at Brooklyn Bridge Park , Rendezvous En New York

After eating, we had gotten our second wind. We continued to sightsee in the park and take as many Instagram worthy pictures before we were too exhausted.

Are you looking for a great way to spend the day in one of the best parks in NYC? Obviously! Well, this is one of my suggestions for a fun-filled afternoon. Skating season starts on April 12th, so get out there! When was the last time you went roller skating? Do you prefer the inline skates or the old school four-wheelers? Tell me in the comments below! And don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on Instagram.

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23 thoughts on “Rendezvous At Pier 2 in Brooklyn Bridge Park

  1. This looks like a great workout Trudy! Used to love zooming up and down by best friend’s driveway on roller skates – not sure I’d be so confident now 30 years later 😃

    Brooklyn was one of my favourite parts of NYC when we visited, visiting twice in the three days we were there! We went in 2013 so they were still doing loads of work on the park and the piers then, will have to come back soon and check out the updates 😀

    1. Thanks for commenting.That’s exactly how I felt about skating. I was so wrong in my confidence. 😂
      AThe park has doubled in size in the last three years along. It wil be a surprise when you come back.

  2. No judgement here. I have always been rubbish on four wheels. I watched my dad coast, glad, moonwalk, spin, and leap with ease most weekends of my earlier childhood. Rollerblades were more my scene.

  3. I’m awful at anything that requires balance, but I also have fond memories of roller skating in my early days when falling was much easier to recover from 😉 This sounds like such a fun way to spend a day! I don’t love making my way out to Brooklyn, but this reminds me why it’s worth the trip every once in a while. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Your comment is how I feel about making my way to anything above 34th Street, very unlikely. I do it a handful of times each season if I’m lucky. Thank you stopping by!

  4. Brooklyn Bridge Park looks a fantastic place to visit – I have to add it to my NYC must see list! I used to love roller skating in my early teens- I joined a local skating club in London and learnt some good moves! Not sure I could do it now though! Ha ha! 😊

    1. I believe it was built in 2014/2015 but that pier has been under constant construction ever since. I believe that everything was finally finished last summer.

    1. It’s definitely cool again and it is great exercise. I didn’t realize how much muscle strength I was using as a teenager.

  5. I have never roller skated in my life so well done! Ice skating is really hard work and I imagine the burning thighs feeling is much the same! That burger and fries looks lovely!! I really like that they are reclaiming the old shipping piers and making good use of them.

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