Rendezvous At Ramen Hood

Ramen Hood At Chef's Club Counter in NYC , Rendezvous En New York

First off, I want to say that trying to be vegan in NYC is probably easier than it has ever been when it comes to dining out. The restaurant industry’s consciousness has been awakened to the mass of people looking to eat healthier and has tapped into that potential. At least it looks that way to me from what I see. The amount of choice that continues to pop up in NYC is truly wonderful, even though I am not a vegan. I have my vegan moments but I am not completely there yet. But having the option of places like Ramen Hood make the transition so much smoother.

Ramen Hood At Chef's Club Counter in NYC , Rendezvous En New York

What’s So Special About Ramen Hood?

Ramen Hood is a Los Angeles based vegan restaurant that is temporarily having a residency at Chef’s Counter Club in the neighborhood of Soho in lower Manhattan. The fact that there is vegetarian ramen isn’t that revolutionary, I’ve found it on other rendezvous like this one. It is harder to find vegan broth and with choice of sides is amazing. Usually, when you go to a traditional restaurant that serves ramen, the broth base is usually tonkatsu, which is pork-based or some mixture of beef and fish. So that usually leaves vegetarians and vegans out of the race right away. This broth is made from a stock of mushrooms and kelp then finished with miso and roasted sunflower seeds. And somehow it just works to make it so flavorful. The sides aren’t made with animal fats or ingredients so vegans and clean food eaters can go wild.

Eat All That #RichAssBroth

#RichAssBroth is Ramen Hood’s hashtag and it fits. You really wouldn’t think that the ingredients I previously mentioned could give you such a full-bodied taste. My niece, a vegan, was treating me to dinner so I chose the Spicy Ramen from the menu and that came with meaty oyster mushrooms, noodles, scallions, chili threads, nori, spicy paste and bean sprouts for my entreé. My niece chose the Garlic Ramen, which was the same as mine without spicy paste and with roasted garlic, of course. Both had the option of a vegan “egg”, I wasn’t brave enough to try that this time.

Ramen Hood At Chef's Club Counter in NYC , Rendezvous En New York

And for my side dish, I chose the Bahn Mi poutine, made with thrice cooked French fries, hoisin gravy, pickled vegetables, sriracha, Daiya cheese, jalapenos, and cilantro. I love French fries and I loved this souped-up version with all the different textures. My niece ordered the Ahi “Tuna” Crisps, which is made of spicy “tuna” beets, crispy rice shell, yuzu avocado pureé, sesame seeds, and chili threads. The crisps were just that crispy and delightful and fresh

Ramen Hood At Chef's Club Counter in NYC , Rendezvous En New York
Ramen Hood At Chef's Club Counter in NYC , Rendezvous En New York

Was I Feeling Ramen Hood?

I was so full and satisfied, everything was so good. You would think that eating only vegetables that you would need a lot to fill you up but nope.

I hope that Ramen Hood gets a New York City location soon, from the crowds waiting to be seated, celebrity visits, and the stream of Instagram love they would do well. Chef’s Counter Club is located on 62 Spring Street. Our meal total was under $40 with my niece’s wine, I think it’s budget appropriate, right? Ramen Hood is there until January, so get yourself a bowl quickly before you miss out.
​​​​​​​UPDATE: Ramen Hood has extended their stay at Chef’s Club Counter until March 31st!!!!! So now there is more time to get your #RichAssBroth! Hooray!!! 

Are you a fan of ramen like me? What kind is your favorite? Where is your favorite spot? Tell me all about in the comments. In the meantime follow me on Instagram, since I started a new account.

Ramen Hood at Che's Counter Club in NYC, Rendezvous En New York. Vegan ramen restaurant temprarily at the Chef's Counter Club until the end of January .

Until our next rendezvous…



25 thoughts on “Rendezvous At Ramen Hood

  1. I love finding new vegetarian/vegan ramen spots! We’re so lucky to have numerous options here in NYC. I’ve read that 2019 is going to be the year of the vegan and I am thrilled. Even though I’m not vegan, I like having lighter options (esp when we overdo it other places!). We also have vegan family members so it’s something we like keeping up with. Not sure we’ll make it there in time, but fingers crossed they open a shop here soon!

    1. Yeah, it is an option that I like to exercise a lot, because when it’s done well I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. I think that I’ll be sticking more vegan places into my itinerary and I agree I like feeling lighter and not bloated when I finally push back from the table.

  2. The food certainly looked interesting and I liked the look of your side dish too, Trudy. I am not a vegan either but I have noticed a definite upturn in vegan options & specialised eating places recently here in the UK.

    1. Thanks, Linda. I think that I could be vegan about 60% of the time as long as I have all the ingredients that I like and know all the preparation tricks. I just feel better afterwards. Have you tried the restaurants?

      1. I haven’t been to an all out vegan restaurant But I have opted for vegan dishes in restaurants. I’m not vegan or vegetarian but I like having the option not to eat meat at times – I’m a big fish fan though. I tend to pick fish/vegetarian options over meat in a restaurant yet for home dinners meat & poultry are the main meals I cook.

  3. I’ve never even heard of Ramen Hood, but after seeing your pictures I would like some #RichAssBroth!

    1. Wait, isn’t Wagamama an English version of a ramen shop? We’ve just started getting those restaurant’s here about a year ago.

  4. Honestly, I’ve never been to a ramen restaurant, but I totally wish I could go try this while it’s there! Maybe the extended engagement is a first step toward establishing more permanently in NYC! Vegan Banh Mi Poutine is a concept I *never* would have considered (says someone who’s guilty of enjoying the original whenever she returns to Quebec) – but I bet it was tasty!

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