Rendezvous At Spot Dessert Bar

Spot Dessert Bar , Rendezvous En New York

You’re probably wondering, “Hey Trudy, another food post so soon? Are you actually trying to undo all that hard work at yoga?”. And my answer would be, “Not intentionally… I swear!”. It’s just that I’ve noticed about myself,  that when it gets colder my diet goes completely left and that left turns onto the intersection of Carbs and Sweets corner. That foreword all of that leads me to my rendezvous at Spot Dessert Bar.

What’s the Big Deal about Spot Dessert Bar? 

Spot Dessert Bar NYC, Rendezvous En New York
Spot Dessert Bar NYC

Going off the rails isn’t a big deal but, damn it I did it right after yoga class with my friends. So it was sort of a belated holiday celebration since we hadn’t seen each other in months (cue the sad violin music here). My two friends Jheanel and Karina (blog mascots) wanted to visit Spot for the first time. I’d visited before and even posted shots on Instagram and possibly that was enough inspiration to make them want to go. If it wasn’t just let me believe that I am that influential.

Ever since Spot Dessert Bar has opened in the East Village, it’s been very popular. I’m not sure if it is only because of the fame of the creator of the menu Iron Chef Ian Kittichai of Thailand, or the idea of a dessert tapas shop where wine is served and desserts are shared. Whatever the reason, it all comes together to work really well as little works of art on a plate. So we weren’t very adventurous in our choices that night but at least I got really good shots of everything we did eat.

Rendezvous En New York, Spot Dessert Bar, NYC
Green Tea Lava Cake at Spot Dessert Bar

So what did we order at Spot Dessert Bar?

Jheanel and I ordered one of the signature dishes at Spot Dessert Bar, which is the chocolate green tea lava cake with green tea ice cream. So balanced, gooey, and of course delicious! The chocolate isn’t overly sweet and the green tea ganache flavor isn’t competing with the dark chocolate cake. And the scoop of green tea ice cream is refreshing. And the crisp tea cookie was very light and stayed crisp even after being dipped in the ice cream. And everything was covered in green tea dust. It was really satisfying.

And Karina took the waiter’s suggestion to order the new dish called the Milky Puff, which is a scoop of condensed milk ice cream on top of cereal with banana brûlée on top of a warm cream puff with white chocolate formed into honeycombs and drizzled in honey. Really a beautiful mountain of sweetness, but not too sweet.

Rendezvous En New York, Spot Dessert Bar NYC
Milky Puff at Spot Dessert Bar in NYC

Karina also ordered a Thai iced tea with taro bubbles served in a light bulb cup with her dessert. It’s such a cute idea and you get to keep your light bulb cup.

Rendezvous En New York, Spot Dessert Bar
Thai Iced Tea in Light Bulb Cup at Spot Dessert Bar

To my surprise, I found out that there were also vegan desserts, cookies, and macarons on the menu as well. And in the display case, there is a selection of cakes that are available by season. My scale will punish me but I won’t regret my night out, overindulging at Spot Dessert Bar.  Spot Dessert Bar is located at 13 St. Mark’s Place, New York, NY, 10003.

What are your favorite dessert spots? I want to hear all about them and what makes them so special. Tell me in-depth in the comments. Let’s keep this conversation two-sided.

rendezvous at spot

Until our next rendezvous…


Rendezvous en New York

34 thoughts on “Rendezvous At Spot Dessert Bar

  1. That all sounds really good! I wish I had a current favorite dessert spot but we have not found one in Astoria/LIC yet. Hoping to find one soon, but in the meantime I know where we can go!

            1. I understand, a regular gym doesn’t motivate me to work out. But classes motivate me more because of the group environment. I would imagine the cold air would get you sick while running. I supplement classes with lots of walking.

              1. I do nothing but walking -2o minutes one way to the subway and then another 10 in Brooklyn so I do get altogether about an hour of walking daily, plus we always wind up walking on the weekends so I don’t feel so bad. I just do some stretching and stuff until it warms up.

  2. I have never been to a dessert restaurant. I’d be afraid to enter one. Going wild in public is not desirable, and who knows if I could control myself. I’ll be content to read about your experiences and drool over your excellent photos.

    1. Ha ha ha! I highly doubt that you would lose control, the portions are pretty big and that’s coming from someone with a big sweet tooth. Also you have to take into account that you’ll be very full after one dessert. Thank you Anne!

  3. I am going to be so cliche and say Cheesecake Factory. It’s just good to me and their servings are great for a sweet tooth girl! My favorite is, ironically, their fudge chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. BTW, this green tea dessert sounds really interesting and good! I would’ve tried that along with the tea. Maybe not at the same time… I don’t know if even I can deal with that much sugar at once. And I am so not judging you for going there after yoga… you were just balancing yourself… yup, that’s what you were doing… lol

    1. Thank you for not judging me. I didn’t have the tea, my friend did. That actually would’ve been too much at one time. The cake was enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, at least it was for that day. I like the Cheesecake Factory too, I used to get the pumpkin cheesecake every year in the Fall, yummy.

      1. Oh yeah I knew it was your friend who was feeling extra sweet that day lol I’ve never tried the pumpkin one but I am curious about it so I may try it the next go around.

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