Rendezvous At the New York International Auto Show

New York International Auto Show, Rendezvous En New York

Last week, I was invited by A Girls Guide To Cars for a media preview party to the New York International Auto Show at Jacob Javitz Center in Manhattan. I was feeling pretty special because I love cars and I love that I got to see and learn about everything before the general audience, which can be an overwhelming experience.

The theme of the night was #GirlsNightOut meaning that we all got to hang with other girl bloggers and relax. No boys allowed! (but there were definitely boys). Women know that the car buying experience is notoriously difficult when you are being talked down to or charged more than men. So that’s why this event was created, where we could learn and spread knowledge to other women and its the mission of  A Girls Guide to Cars. And at what other events would you hold this exchange of knowledge other than the New York International Auto Show?

There were a number of seminars from different sponsors, for example, Auto Gravity told us about the virtue of using their website for getting the best auto loans, cheapest leases and lowest prices in your area.

Each featured car manufacturer gave us an introduction to their brand’s concept for this year and what they were trying to carry out through the designs, and update their cars to be more appealing to buyers. The manufacturers that spoke to us were;


The luxury line from Hyundai is always upping its game every year. Their cars are always so well thought out. And the reason for that is the crew designers and engineers is one of the very few that has women on the team. The materials used are super elegant and a couple of the keys members of that team came to tell us the key points of their new concept car which awed the audience.


We got to see a couple of sporty numbers and get up close and personal in the interiors of the cars and play with all the bells and whistles that the cars came with. Here are some of my favorites pictures, including a concept car.


We didn’t get to stay as long and admire these new for 2019 models, unfortunately, they were already surrounded by dealers. But I did manage to get a few pictures before we were ushered to the next display.


Toyota spent the most time explaining the car features and letting us play. We were experiencing the concept car with VR autonomous driving. I’m not down with this concept at all, BTW. But it was cool to see how far technology was getting with the idea. There was so much to see but not enough time!!

I took too many pictures for my SD card because it was full, but also not enough because I only walked the main floor and didn’t get to see downstairs!! If you weren’t aware the Ne York International Auto Show is an all-day affair with comfy shoes and frequent breaks. I have been three times so far and have not walked the whole event EVER!!! But I will add all the pictures that I did get in this slideshow and I hope that you will enjoy it all like I did.

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The New York International Auto Show is held from March 30- April 8th, 2018 at the Jacob Javitz Center between 34th – 40th street at 11th Avenue and will return April 19- April 29, 2019. Are you ready for the car show to come to your city? Do you ever go to the car show? Did you see any models here that you would want to test drive? Tell me, I want to know, I’m waiting to read which one in the comments below!New York International Auto Show in NYC 2018, Rendezvous En New York

Until our next rendezvous…

25 thoughts on “Rendezvous At the New York International Auto Show

    1. Yes, I love cars, although I’m not into them as much as some people are. I’m not really interested in breaking speed records.

        1. Nope, I wouldn’t laugh at all, that’s a designer’s job to make sure that’s its easy to get out of and the engineer’s job to make sure that it’s reliable. Good priorities to me.

    1. I would never, with these NYC potholes! Every year in the Spring the roads are a mess after being salted all Winter. It’s safer and cheaper to take the train. No lost hubcaps.

          1. still it’s a lotta fun looking. I still think that I made a huge mistake by not buying the dark blue Pontiac Solstice when I wanted to. I would still have it parked in the garage for nice weather.

  1. More power to you. Just not my thing. I have a car, it gets good gas mileage. I’ll drive it into the ground (my Matrix lasted 12 years) and then I’ll start looking for a new one. I do look for long lasting cars.

  2. I have been to car shows in the past..but it’s really not my thing. One of my favourite things about having moved to Germany is that I no longer drive! We do have a car, but my husband uses it to get to work. I do not have a driver’s license here and have no intention of getting one!

    1. I don’t drive anymore either, but I love the science and thought that goes behind the design of a car. And I am always looking at new innovation like electric and hydrogen cars that will easier on the environment.

  3. anything is a great reason for a fun girls night out! A few years ago I bought a Camaro to up the fun factor of my commute. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made! Some of those futuristic cars look darn fun.

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