Rendezvous At Very Fresh Noodles

Very Fresh Noodles, Rendezvous En New York

Whether it is hot or cold outside I am into noodles. Any kind of noodle, lo mein, mei fun, rice noodles, egg noodles, bean thread, linguine, angel hair, you get it right? Noodle soup is even better and even better than that is when it’s in my budget. And the place that checked all of those boxes off of my list, on a recent outing, was Very Fresh Noodles in Chelsea Market.

Very Fresh Noodles is a restaurant in Chelsea Market, that opened about two years ago and I haven’t gone enough in my opinion. It is a favorite in the tourist-heavy Chelsea market, there is always a line no matter what day you go.

What Is There To Order At Very Fresh Noodles?

The menu isn’t crazy extensive and it doesn’t need to be. Meals start around $11 on the low end to $13 on the “high” end without drinks so if you figure a side of seasoned cucumbers and a drink will bring you to $20. FYI, I was full without any sides.

So just right for a budget meal that will fill you up and tingle your tongue. The food is well seasoned with cumin, chili oil, Sichuan peppercorns, and black vinegar. It’s that spicy tingle that makes you crave it in the middle of the night while looking inside your refrigerator for something to eat. I hate you!

This is not food to be eaten the next day because the noodles lose their firmness the longer that they stay in the broth, so if you planning on leftovers then get your noodles dry instead of with the delicious broth. And vegetarians/vegans you aren’t left out, besides the lamb and beef options there is the vegan noodles with or without mock duck which is just as good the with meat option.

What Did I Order?

I chose a bowl of tingly cumin lamb soup with “BiangBiang” noodles. The noodles are called “BiangBiang”  because of the sound the dough makes while it’s being pounded against the hard surface to lengthen them into shape. Watching noodles being made is kind hypnotizing and I did for about five minutes, with the lunch chaos around me.



My soup was very flavorful and filling, the lamb was tender with just enough tendon and fat so that the broth was swimming in grease. You could taste the five spice and the cumin all over the soup, one wasn’t too powerful than the other. The noodles were thick enough to stand up to the meat and since I am not a professional with chopsticks, I copped out and got a fork. They were so good and hearty if you can call a noodle hearty. I loved the Chinese spinach, scallions and bok choy in the soup as well. Very Fresh Noodles, Rendezvous En New York

It is worth the wait in line and it is worth the stains to my t-shirt that I wore that day. Very Fresh Noodles is located on 425 West 15th Street in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan, open from 11 am-9 pm daily.Map to Very Fresh Noodles in Chelsea Market NYC

Do you have a favorite noodle spot? Or a favorite noodle? We can talk noodles, ! let me know in the comments below.very fresh noodles

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24 thoughts on “Rendezvous At Very Fresh Noodles

  1. Hey Trudy! Justin here. I’ve heard and read lots of good things about Very Fresh Noodles. I believe they took over the spot vacated by Philly’s Dizengoff (Israeli). I also believe they’ve been so successful there is talk of expansion, so new outposts will likely be popping up soon. I’m also a noodle-hound, so I’ll definitely drop in for a bowl. But Chelsea Market is becoming a difficult choice with all the great options. Mexican seafood tacos from Los Mariscos and pita sandwiches and whole head of roasted cauliflower from Miznon are two of our favorites.

    1. Hi Justin! I’m not sure what spot they’ve taken over but it is much better than the previous tiny corner they were in. They are very similar to Xian Famous Foods, so I wonder if there will be a food war if they open up more locations? I saw how crowded Los Mariscos was when I went. It smelled great! I don’t get to Chelsea Market as much as I would like. I’ll do better. It’s always so crowded, though!

  2. Yum Trudy!!

    I reeeeally live noodles too, especially ramen when it gets to autumn/winter.

    These look and sound soooo good! We.just need to get you munching with chopsticks so you’ll look like a real pro! 😉

      1. Nooo! You wouldn’t want to waste any noodles. Maybe you could practice with instant ramen at home!? 😉

        Also, I find Korean and Japanese chopsticks way easier than the larger Chinese ones. Maybe you need to practice with easier versions!?

  3. Loved the video! Interesting to see how noodles are made and how fast he can “biang biang.” There’s nothing even close to that type of restaurant here in the boon docks where I live. Guess that means I’m due for another trip to NYC. Looks delicious!

  4. Hey, I never knew about the noodle restaurants that exist in NYC, but thanks for sharing. I love noodles too and usually buy the ramen noodles that come in a pack. They take a few minutes to boil and you then add the powder mix. I usually add butter after I drain the water, and only use half the packet of mix. Otherwise it’s too salty.

    1. Hi! Yes, I know packaged ramen. And this is way more delicious and more authentic to what Asians eat. These Chinese noodles are not salty but packed with flavor. 😋

  5. Oh, wow, you’re right watching them making them is kinda mesmerizing! (I can just imagine that doing so to the Prince soundtrack was a blast for the noodle artist!)

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