Rendezvous En New York at BAM


This is what I was surrounded by today, beautiful art, even more, beautiful people and delicious food. This is and more will be in a post coming up within the week. How did you spend your Memorial Holiday weekend?

Until our next rendezvous…



Rendezvous en New York

4 thoughts on “Rendezvous En New York at BAM

    1. It’s a national holiday in remembrance of all members if military who have died in war. It’s always celebrated on the last Monday of May and is the unofficial start of Summer here. So lots of barbecue and beaches, time spent outdoors.

      1. Thanks for the cultural note, I like it. It sounds like a solemn celebration but very joyful at the same time. I wish we could celebrate summer here already, especially when coming back from Iceland in the very next days!

        1. Some events are somber on the actual holiday,but the other days of the weekend is all about the party. In New York the party doesn’t end till school starts again in September.

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