Rendezvous with the Artist Tug Rice 

Tug Rice Art Show, NYC
Matinee Idol by Tug Rice, exhibiton Watercolors and Greasepaint, Rendezvous En New York
Matineé Idol by Tug Rice

Last Wednesday, I was invited to attend a solo art exhibition of watercolor paintings, titled “Watercolors and Greasepaint: Illustrations Inspired by the Theatre” by Tug Rice. Let’s just linger over the fact that I am so special to be invited in the first place (So very special). Theater and art, in all its forms, are things that are synonymous with culture in New York City. So I try to take in as much of it as I can, it’s definitely not from a place of being a snob.

About the Artist, Tug Rice

Tug is an actor, playwright, and composer. So if you thought that he wasn’t trying hard enough, he then spread his wings to art. He is using his experiences behind the scenes and on stage to create these images. They are almost like scenes from a play with the cast of characters that you expect; the star, the ingenué, the diva, the chorus line, and the well-dressed fans coming to see the show.

About the Art

The venue was very laid back,  so that we could take our time with each piece. The artwork is based on Tug’s experiences working in the theater and each scene reminds me of the heyday of the stage in the 20th century. I felt like I was staring at drawings of my favorite children’s books or old musicals. In my mind, I am looking at a movie poster from “Auntie Mame” or one of the pages in the series of Madeline books with heavyweight paper. That is a great compliment to invoke such happy memories from me.  They come across as very joyful in their presentation. But, also I was taken aback at the fact that this style was coming from a young artist. Here is a selection of my favorite pieces from the exhibition:

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This exhibition is ongoing until March 15,( How appropriate is the Ides of March for the end of a theater inspired art show?), please take a moment out to see these pieces in real life, because they are so much more beautiful in the flesh. And all the pieces are for sale, in case you fall in love at first sight. The exhibition is located at the Gallery at 350 Bleeker, on 350 Bleeker Street, in the West Village.

Do you love art? Have a question about this exhibition? Have you been to a gallery recently? Which piece did you find was the most interesting to you? Tell me everything in the comments and we’ll chat! I’m waiting to hear from you!

Until our next rendezvous…




15 thoughts on “Rendezvous with the Artist Tug Rice 

  1. I don’t go to many gallery shows, but I am very thankful that we have the Noguchi Museum literally just down the block from us and we are members. Which allows me to take a few moments every couple of weeks to breeze through and just collect my thoughts and be at one with the art. Especially in the outdoor space. Same thing with the Socrates Sculpture Garden. Think I told you the last time I saw you, the art space in Scandinavia House is interesting and FREE! Tug’s work is interesting though. I’ll try to get over to see it.

    1. I still have to visit the Scandinavian House. You know that when we all get together, I have to take notes, because the info is coming at me so fast!

  2. I’m an illustrator, so I really appreciate the loose style of his work! I think I pulled one of his watercolors of a ski area out of a magazine for inspiration. Love the post and the slide show.

    1. A. Hahahaha! And he is a very sweet guy, he was so kind to invite me. B. Yes, he is a cutie. He does takes a good picture, he knows his angles.

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