Saturday Night Rendezvous at The Nest

The Nest restaurant in Queens, NYC, Rendezvous En New York

Even though I live in Queens, the most diverse borough in New York City, I don’t get to explore it a lot since I usually am heading elsewhere. I plan to change that for 2019, especially in the summer months, as Mad Hatters NYC have reminded me in their post about the Queens Night Market. So I made an attempt with my friends to visit an oldie but goodie in Richmond Hill, Queens, The Nest. 

The Nest is a very casual Caribbean restaurant, that specializes in jerk. But it also carries other traditional Jamaican, Jamaican/Asian fusion, and general Caribbean dishes like curries, roti, fried rice, The menu is extensive and has a lot of vegetarian choices. It has been around forever and when I worked close by I would get food delivered to my job for me and my co-workers to share. And when I planned this meet up that is exactly what I was in the mood for that night.

Why Did I Choose The Nest?

If you haven’t experienced food that has been cooked properly with jerk seasoning, you aren’t living life. It is called jerk because the meat is poked into submission with holes to let the marinade flavor it. It could be a dry rub mixture or a wet one. I prefer the wet kind of rub and I my choice of jerk is chicken. But you can find jerk duck, chicken, pork, fish, shrimp, lamb, vegetables, and even tofu.

Jerk is typically, served in Jamaican restaurants, although other Caribbean islands have a version, and official jerk is done on a grill, preferably made from an oil barrel and  I am not arguing with you. I am tired of getting badly marinated and unseasoned jerk. Why are people skimping on the seasoning lately…? Don’t they know what a blessing seasoning is?

Was It What I Was Waiting For?

Jerk Chicken at the Nest, NYC , Rendezvous En New York

I didn’t get pictures of my friend’s food because they are not interested in documenting their food like I am and they tolerate me scolding them for not looking out and getting the pictures for me beforehand. It’s ok, it is all love. So we’ll have to just focus on my big plate of food. The portions are huge. I ordered jerk chicken with vegetable fried rice . It was a full quarter of chicken mostly breast meat which I love for jerk. It was so juicy, smokey, and spicy! Isn’t it the best when you finally get what you were craving for?

Yes, and before you ask it did fit into my budget at $13.25 for a huge portion of food. The Nest is great for families, date night, and for their lunch specials. If you are ever in Queens, The Nest is on 125-17 101st. Avenue in Richmond Hill.

Have you ever had Jamaican jerk? Where did you have it? Tell me about your experience in the comments below and we’ll share our favorite places.

Jerk Chicken at the Nest restaurant in Queens, NYC
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19 thoughts on “Saturday Night Rendezvous at The Nest

  1. Looks delicious and don’t think I’ve had this although I’ve been to the Caribbean and Queens, back in 2008. It does look a lot like the Mexican chicken I ate in Miami back then, but then probably it’s a totally different flavour.

    1. I’m not an expert on different Mexican cuisine but I don’t think that they’re big on allspice, scotch bonnet peppers and cloves which are the basis of the jerk marinade. I think that the Mexican chicken would probably milder. Now, I want to try to seek it out.

  2. I really like the idea for your news years resolution to explore near home in 2019. It looks like you have made a great start!! 😀

  3. I’m drooling while I look at that picture. Unfortunately, having moved to Florida last month the restaurants of NYC are no longer within my reach.

  4. As the saying goes Trudy, explore your own backyard before venturing into another new one. We loved trying new food when we did a stopover in New York and especially New Orleans, now that was an eye opener 🙂 Interesting information on the food, thanks Trudy.

  5. This is definitely something we need to explore more of! Thanks for the recommendation, I’m adding it to our neverending list 😉

    And BTW, my friends tolerate photo taking at the dinner table, but it’s still the thing I’m least comfortable with. I try to be quick so we can get on with the business of eating!

    1. My friends are not interested in my carefully placed or multiple snapshots. I’ll never be comfortable with other people watching me take photos.

  6. Love Jamaican Jerk chicken – I have made it myself but have eaten it in Jamaica & in London. A lot of Caribbean recipes are good for you & your heart. When the dishes taste nice, it’s always a bonus!

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