Saturday Rendezvous At Misoya Ramen

Misoya Ramen, NYC

Misoya Ramen, NYCI’m on another adventure on the weekend and this one takes me to Misoya Ramen in the East Village. I love ramen in case you weren’t aware. Soup overall does it for me 99% of the time. I eat soup when I’m sick, cold, hungry, basically any time there’s some available. My niece, who was with me, also knows this because she also has a shared love for soup and because of that, she suggested we go to Misoya Ramen. She’s the person who introduced me to this unassuming restaurant, and she was treating me to dinner, so I wasn’t going to turn her down.

Why Was Misoya Ramen Our Choice?

It is a small restaurant that you could pass by if you aren’t careful, inside is clean, narrow,  and has about ten two-seat tables. It is one of the few ramen restaurants that has a choice of vegetarian broth bases. Here there is a choice of miso based vegetarian, the tonkatsu, or chicken and pork mixed. I love the umami taste of miso and have tried to add each of the different flavors into my diet. With saying that, I really appreciate the natural saltiness of miso.  Miso is categorized and described by color. Each color has a different taste profile and that is how the menu is sectioned to help you choose the flavor that you would most like. White miso is mild and fruity, yellow miso has a deeper flavor because it is aged longer and is deeper in flavor than white and lastly red miso is the saltiest, longest aged, and full-bodied.

So What Did We Order?

Misoya Ramen


Well, since this wasn’t our first time visiting the restaurant, and the last time we ordered two of the same kind of ramen. Again we chose the same thing, we ordered the spicy komé ramen with a piece of shrimp tempura, bamboo shoots, scallions, and a miso egg from the list of available sides to add into the soup. My niece ordered kimchi to top the soup. As you can see from the picture, the broth is deep red, luxurious, and the right kind of salty. It is so satisfying! And the price of this huge bowl of soup is pretty good at $12. I was so full!! We thoroughly enjoyed our meal. I think this place will be in my favorites for a while. I understand why it is Michelin and Zagat rated every year.

Where is Misoya Ramen?

The shop is on the Lower East Side right off of St. Marks Place on Second Avenue. The address is 129 Second Avenue, New York, NY and is usually open until midnight on the weekdays and Saturday. And it is open until eleven on Sunday evenings. I urge you to give it a try but the one thing I have to nitpick one is that you have to remember to ask for the vegetarian menu. Is there a special place that you go for ramen? Where is it? I would love to hear your recommendations! Tell what good in the comments! Let’s keep the conversation going!!Misoya ramen

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  1. Yum! That ramen looks really tasty.
    Is there such a thing as egg-porn when the gooey egg just looks perfect!?

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