Seven Ways To Keep The Kids Entertained On Your Next Road Trip

kids entertained on a road trip

When you have children, long car trips may be a real pain. When you’ve just begun your journey, asking “are we there yet” or worse, “I need to pee” can easily irritate you. For children, being confined to the interior of the car with nothing to do and unable to run around is not enjoyable. Thankfully, with a little planning, there are ways to keep the kids entertained in the van while traveling long distances.

Here are a few suggestions that could help on your next trip: 

Play Video Games

I Spy comes to mind, but if you’d rather stick pins in your eyeballs than play that game, there are plenty of other car games you can play with your kids on a long drive. Make a competition out of identifying a specific color car. The one who makes the most correct guesses is the winner.   Take some traveling games with you, like Connect 4 or Yahtzee, for older youngsters. A deck of cards for games like snap could also be useful. Oh, and don’t forget the Nintendo Switch where you could get them playing motorcycle games or more. 

Watch A Film Or Look A The Sagi Mini Box

Make sure your child’s iPad is fully charged and loaded with new videos. A movie may easily keep kids entertained for more than an hour — just remember to bring food!
If your kids enjoy getting their hands dirty and building things, the Sago Mini Box could be a fun diversion. Each box contains fun activities that they may produce and play with later, all centered on a specific theme.

Pocket Toys And Activity/Sticker Books

Purchase a set of activity/sticker booklets in advance of your trip. Blind bags and pocket toys are also nice options. If you have time, you might wrap these up to hand them out to others on your travel to extend their life. Use some bargain shops if you are sticking to a budget. 

Pads And Pencils For Drawing

Bring sketching paper and pens for them to doodle with. You could entice kids to participate in a drawing contest by having them draw something you describe. The person who most closely matches your description wins! Hangman and Noughts and Crosses are two games they could play.

Play Music Or Listen To An Audiobook

Make a music playlist with the kids that you can all play on the drive together. Audiobooks are also a fantastic option, especially for individuals who get car sick when they read.


Last but not least, it’s unavoidable that they’ll want to watch something on the screen for some of the journeys, and that’s just okay. To avoid motion sickness, give kids 15-minute or 30-minute pieces at a time. You might also use educational applications to mix up the games kids play.

Don’t Forget To Bring Some Munchies!

Bring as many snacks as you can. You’ll need fruit, crisps, popcorn, and snack bars, among other things. Try to keep the snacks as neat as possible because cheese dust everywhere is not a good look.

When you’re on a long road trip, what games and hobbies do you have/play?

What do you think? I would like to know.

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