Jonas, Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse, Blizzard of 2016, Weekend In NYC

From Where I Stand There's Hip-Deep Snow

Exciting action-packed weekend right? The news coverage began to sound like a trailer for a movie starring James Bond, except for the fact that the villain’s name kept changing from storm names Jonas to Snowmageddon, to Snowpocalypse and finally more accurately the Blizzard of 2016. The extent of the action for me was being hunched over a shovel with my nose running and toes feeling the pins and needles of frostbite setting in. It could definitely be worse, we have power and heat, it was nowhere as scary as hurricane Sandy. I am very thankful for the sore muscles as well, it let me know that I’ve slacked up on my regular workout. I can complain a whole lot more but I won’t because in the end I had spicy ramen with baked tofu and bok choy and that makes everything better for me.

How did you make it through this weekend’s weather? I want to hear all about it, tell me in the comments below.

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39 thoughts on “Jonas, Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse, Blizzard of 2016, Weekend In NYC

  1. Well we had slight regret that we didn’t meet for an after work drink on Friday before the hibernation set in, but instead we made sure we were completely stocked up on food and ‘beverages’. Friday night it was nice watching the flakes fall outside on the balcony, but by Saturday morning it became clear it was a doozy of a storm! We made a nice breakfast and I made us some Irish Coffees and we did some Netflix binge watching. At some point in the afternoon I began getting alarmed at the pile of snow on the balcony, and spent awhile throwing it off our balcony on to the ground below. Don’t worry, its only a third floor walkup and there was nobody beneath when I did it! Then we listened to music for awhile, all the time that the scintillating smell of chili cooking wafted from the kitchen. I did my usual strumming of my guitar (badly) and my wife did some knitting as the evening wore on. At some point we went outside to have a bit of fun. To relish walking down the middle of the street and throwing snowballs at one another. I did have a brief moment of regret that we were not close enough where we live to any bars that may have been open, or that we didn’t still live in Hells Kitchen because seeing photos of our friends still there playing football in the middle of Ninth Avenue and generally having fun on Facebook left me longing for being not so cut off where we live. But the feeling passed soon enough and once Sunday hit, we got up early and spent 2 hours digging out our car from a street that did not get plowed until some time on Monday. We ventured out into the slush and digging to a bar for a few drinks to combat the cabin fever. Our car being clear, but not being able to move on Monday morning, and the sidewalks still very treacherous and impassable in places still, we both decided to take the day off. I decided for once not to be the hero and attempt to come to work. Phew…not an exciting weekend but typing all that sure seemed like it was lol!

  2. Glad your survived this snow storm! We don’t get snow very often, and when we do I always hope that it just lasts for a couple of days. Just enough time to go for a nice walk and take some pictures! Snow does look beautiful, and I like how it seems to slow and quiet down the world! At least around here! ☃

    1. It does here as well. It’s so silent when it snows especially since there was a travel ban and the night it stopped there was a huge full moon that lit up all the snow, everything was glistening but I wasn’t able to take a picture. Aargh! It’s just melting here and getting warmer so now everything is turning into dirty puddles.

  3. I pretty much had a very similar experience as you during the snowathon (just made up yet another title for the blizzard because why not? lol). I thankfully had heat and light throughout the entire snowstorm and I had to shovel like 7 times total throughout the entire thing starting Friday and ending Sunday. My back was in pain for a few days but fortunately, after a warm Epson salt bath, I was back to my normal self the following day.

    1. It took me the whole weekend not to hurt. I just did hot showers because I don’t find baths relaxing at all. But seven times to shovel …? My hell was seven hours with breaks in between.

      1. Yeah I shoveled once on Friday and then 5 times on Saturday and then one last time Sunday which wasn’t much. Just wanted to get the little traces of snow off the ground and add more salt on the ground. It was super clear when I was done. I was quite proud of myself. I’ve never had to shovel that much snow in my life and my back was like wtf about too. lol

        1. Totally get it. I shoveled all of it in one try, so exhausted afterwards. And people passing by had the nerve to ask if they could help when I was basically finished. WHATEVER…

          1. Yeah I was wondering where the hell are the teenagers who need extra cash located cause I need them now! And I’m amazed you did it one try. God bless you! lol

                1. Really in the picture you can’t tell how much that was plus the front driveway and steps that wasn’t pictured and the sidewalk, it’s massive. And since we did it after everything had fallen there was ice underneath the snow on the sidewalk.

                  1. Geez. I had salted each time I did mines to avoid the ice. My hands were about to fall off but I did it. lol And I hate the ice. I walk like I’m 90 years old. That’s amazing you and your two friends did all of that in only 7 hours.

      1. And according to the book I just finished (A Man Called Ove…I highly recommend it) snowblowers do not allow for precision snow removal, so there’s that. 🙂

          1. Actually, he felt that everyone should shovel snow by hand to give it a nice straight edge. 😉 The book was A Man Called Ove. Pretty funny.

            1. That;s funny ! I took an Instagram video of me making straight cuts into the snow, for some reason it felt good, like cutting into frosting. I know that sounds silly,lol!

  4. Hi, while I was enjoying sunny xmas here in Kenya I’ve been following your photos on instagram, that was just incredible!!! Hope you survived the snowmaggedon!!!!

    1. Wonderful thank you! This is my second nomination for this one and I’m looking into appropriate quotes for it. I’ll tag you when I finally finish.

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