States Of Amusement: Visiting Some Of America’s Best Theme Parks

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While a lot of Americans aren’t having a great time at the moment, thanks to the state of politics and an overall feeling of uneasiness, this part of the world still has a lot to offer when it comes to having fun. We are the home to dozens of theme and amusement parks, there are few places that are better around the World to let your hair down and enjoy some good old-fashioned silliness. Of course, though, with so much on offer, finding the best options for you isn’t always going to be easy. To help you out, this I will be exploring four of the best states, including my own of course, for this sort of venue, along with the options you have in each of them.

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Florida: Aside from its abundance of alligators and insects, Florida is home to some of the greatest and most popular theme parks in the world. In Orlando alone, you can find an array of venues operated by Universal Studios, who are responsible for films like Jurassic Park. Of course, it doesn’t stop here, as you will also find classics like the Epcot Center, Seaworld, and Legoland, giving you loads of options to choose from. Most people will be going to Florida one park in particular, though; Disney World. With the World’s largest concentration of Disney- and Pixar-based entertainment, there a few better places around the world to have the fun this state has on offer.

California: Florida isn’t the only sunny state to be home to amusement parks, though. In fact, for some people, California represents a greater range of different activities to enjoy, with all of the classics, like Disneyland, Legoland, and even it’s own version of Seaworld, along with some smaller venues which you may not have heard of. Thanks to the popularity of this state among all sorts of travelers, finding a hotel near Knott’s Berry Farm or one of the many other amusements parks on offer is incredibly easy. This gives you a great way to start your trip in a great place to enjoy yourself.

New Jersey: It can be easy to ignore a place like New Jersey when you are exploring your theme park options. In reality, though, this state offers a unique blend of different attractions, and a lot of them are aimed more towards adults than children. Options like Casino Pier, Wild West City, and Bowcraft all follow a slightly more traditional route when compared to the other examples in this post. This gives you a great chance to experience a taste of American history on your trip, while also enjoying all the fun you’d find at the other locations available. Of course, though, you will also have the chance to the other attractions on offer in this part of the country.

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New York City: And finally, saving the best for last, of course, in my opinion, is Coney Island in Brooklyn. I’ve written about it before. It is a huge tourist attraction and it has one of the oldest wooden roller coasters on the East Coast, the Cyclone. There is also the amazing Deno’s Wonder Wheel which has frightened the living daylights out of me but gives the most beautiful view of the beach. It is also where the first world-famous Nathan’s was built. Coney Island has the historic coaster, a historic parade, historic food, street art, and fireworks. What is not to love?

Hopefully, you will be inspired to start thinking about your inner child when you’re planning your next vacation. Going on a trip to experience theme parks is a great way to have some fun, while also seeing some of America’s most treasured attractions.

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  1. I don’t really do amusement parks these days…maybe I should try again! But hands down for me would be Coney Island. Even with the crowds it is a great place to be on a summers night

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