Why “Rendezvous En New York”?

Magnolia Blossoms at the Brroklyn Botanic Garden, NYC

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All About Me.” I knew I wanted to start something but I had no idea what, and to narrow it down was…Read More

Photo101: Natural World and Leading lines

An upcoming post will be at this beautiful and distinctive park, The Highline, I love spending time here ! Have you ever visited the Highline? Do you know what makes…Read More

Photo101 : Solitude

My Bliss Is Cooking

I love to make people happy with food through cooking for them, and that’s one of the ways that I find bliss.

A Picture of Home

A Trip to Take 31

Green Tea Ice Cream with Adzuki Beans, Crispy Rice and Honey

Friday was a beautiful day in NYC, well not really because of the weather which was mostly cloudy, but because my niece Ariella asked me to go shopping with her.…Read More

Why Am I Here?? Blogging 101

Don’t misunderstand my question. It’s not the big, “Why am I here?”, Creator and creation-wise. It’s the version of the question, “Why I decided to create this blog and what…Read More