The Best of Indonesia

The best of Indonesia

Have you thought of traveling to Indonesia? It is so beautiful in the photos on Instagram and the in my feed another ten show up every day. The crystal clear blue-green water, fresh seafood, lush green forest, and affordable hotel prices. How could this island nation not be on your travel bucket list?

Indonesia is the world’s largest island country having more than 13,000 of them. More than half the population of over 261 million people live on the world’s most populous island, Java. Not all of the islands are inhabited and some of them are bird and animal sanctuaries. Indonesia also has an abundance of natural resources such as oil, gas, tin, and gold. The economy is based on agriculture and industry, although tourism also plays a large part with nearly 15 million visiting each year.

The islands would not receive that many visitors unless they were attractive enough, and had the infrastructure to cope with them.  There are cultural and natural things that contribute to the appeal for tourists, and with about 57% of the islands being covered in rainforests, seeing wildlife in its own habitat is a big attraction. The beaches are soft, safe sand and the waters around the islands clear and clean. Perfect for watersports, or just lazing on the beach all day.


The best of Indonesia

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region, partly because of the ease of reaching it from countries such as Australia and Singapore. But there is more to it than that.  It constantly wins awards for its tourism because of its stunning temples, tropical beaches, volcanic hillsides, lush green terraces, and rugged coastline. Surfing and diving have helped to make this the popular place it is. The friendliness of the people, the local cuisine and the entertainments have all helped as well.

Kuta and the Gili Islands

The Best Of Indonesia

Kuta offers visitors landscapes that are charming and untouched, with beaches that are gorgeous. From there you can take a boat trip from Kuta to Gili Islands that are only a 5 – 10 boat ride away. You will find wonderful beaches, small villages and plenty of opportunity for surfing and diving on these islands.


The Best Of Indonesia

There is more to Indonesia than the best of beaches, water sports, and foods. It has a diverse and varied history and there is evidence of this all over the islands, particularly on Java. There are centuries old temples, some of which are still in use, and rice fields where you can enjoy a meal and watch the glorious sunsets that are a feature of the Indonesian islands.  Food is inexpensive if you want to eat the traditional varieties, although there are top class restaurants as well that will cost you more.

Other Brilliant Things About Indonesia

The Best Of Indonesia

Here just three of the most popular vacation destinations have been mentioned, there are far more places to visit. The bigger cities attract most tourists, but some of the best places are a car or bike ride away in the surrounding hills. You can go hiking, mountain biking, or just get to meet the local people who will welcome you with open arms.

Locally made products are sold in the markets, and if you want something uniquely Indonesian that will not cost a fortune these are the places to buy souvenirs and gifts.

Street cafés are a feature of most inhabited Indonesian islands. There, you can eat a full meal, buffet style, for very little cost, and watch as it is cooked fresh for you.

There are hostels, hotels, and apartments you can stay while you are visiting. If you want a vacation on a budget, Indonesia could be the place to go. By the same token, if you want the first class of everything, you can do that too.

Is Indonesia on your travel wish list? Have you been and want to share your experience? I want to hear every detail in the comments below. Let’s keep the discussion going.Best of Indonesia

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