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Dasic Fernandez, the Bushwick Collective, NYC, street art

The Bushwick Collective is a collection of street art murals on Troutman Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It is constantly being updated with new work. The most popular artists are there and it was an education for me to check out how intricate the work is up close. My brother and I spent hours walking up and the street finding new works hidden in all different spaces. The most notable artists to me were;

Dasic Fernandez

Lexi Bella

The Mural Kings, Tats Cru

Lady Aiko



“I will take care of us” #sketch #ink #celebratingtheliving


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James Bullough

And here is the slideshow of the rest of the murals I was able to capture before my camera and phone had given up on me.

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I had an amazing time enjoying all the colors. Do you enjoy street art? Is there a lot of it in your city? Tell me about it in the comments below, I’m waiting to hear your stories.The Bushwick Collective

Until our next rendezvous…

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45 thoughts on “The Bushwick Collective

  1. Not sure if my first comment went through but I love this. Do you know the Welling Court Mural Project in Queens? We moved from Manhattan to Astoria/LIC a few months back and the murals in this neighborhood are one of my favorite things. Art where there was no art before and they are all engaging and interesting. Nice post!

    1. I’ve heard about it but haven’t been to the north side of Queens to see it yet. This has taken pace basically because of the destruction of 5 Points. Artists still wanted to display their art without constrictions and I’m glad they were given other places to work. The Bowery in Manhattan has a couple of large murals too. I have to get out there.

      1. Makes sense that it stemmed from 5 Points, I hadn’t thought about that. Well before the cold sets in you should definitely see it. Let me know because it is very close to where I live, and I’d love to take some more photos of it myself!

            1. Must be older shots and a couple my brother and niece gave me to use. Definitely need new equipment, camera lense doesn’t focus anymore.

                    1. Yes, I know and it has to be in the specs for me that there is a good camera in it. It’s one of the first things I look for.

  2. Love street art Trudy! We have quite a lot here in Paris and the most exciting is that the pieces of art you see this week may disappear next week. It keeps on changing from one week to the other. I wrote a post last year about one of the best districts for street art in Paris. You may come and visit one if these days ?

    1. Yes it’s the same here as well, the pictures that I’ve taken are now possibly gone. I know there are at least three new ones on the street but I’m not sure which ones are gone yet. I will visit again in October. I will visit, please add your link!

  3. Another great post Trudy! Love the street art photos and the slide show. I read your conversation about cameras and lenses. Sometimes you can get them used on Amazon for a very reasonable price. I got a nice tele lens, like new and for a fraction of the “new” price. Plus Amazon guaranteed it.
    Also, I have nominated you for the Infinity Dreams Award. I love your blog and how you use it to take visitors along on your city explorations! Check out the details at . Sabine

    1. Thank you Sabine! Thank you for the nomination and for the advice about cameras. I want to take my picture taking up a level next year, maybe on par with yours (wink, wink).I will definitely give Amazon a look.

  4. Oh Trudy, I love all the examples here. I wish we had something like this near me but sadly no. I live in very rural North Yorkshire in the UK. Have you seen any of James Heriott’s ‘All creatures great and small’? That’s where I live. We don’t even really have obnoxious graffiti!

    1. You’re very lucky Natural beauty is is even better ! Walls and concrete just get boring to look at after a while. And what artist wouldn’t want a canvas that big?

        1. Yes that was the problem ! Since it was a holiday weekend parking rules were suspended and they were everywhere for the club party going on behind me. Just maneuvering to not get people was difficult as well. I’ll plan better next time.

    1. Ruined? I haven’t heard anything like that although there was one that looked like graffiti was done in a corner of it. I do know that they are constantly changing the murals so much of what I saw is no longer there. Have you visited the collection in lower Manhattan?

    1. They’re having a party in June and most of the new art will be revealed. So it will look very different and fresh.. Please visit!

    2. Thank you. They’re having a party in June and most of the new art will be revealed and that will make it fresh again. So when you visit in Fall it will look very different. Yes you do need to see it for yourself.

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