The NYCID Program Has Been Extended

NYC Identification Card

Earlier this year, Mayor DiBlasio announced a new ID program to help people living in New York get free ID’s, which are necessary for so many things here, without the usual difficulty of the state ID regulations. The program is called NYCID and it comes with lots of free perks for the current calendar year. I always love a good perk! I mean who doesn’t, right?

What Are the Perks of the NYCID?

I got all kinds of amped when I read the NYC government website after seeing New York Cliche’s, an amazing travel blogger based in New York, tweet. She raved how simple and fast the process was for her. I knew I had to jump on this. Some of the perks listed are; free one-year memberships to museums, botanical gardens, zoos, and performing arts centers citywide, and use as a library card and entrance into government buildings, for the full list check here.The only drawback is that it’s not to be used to get into bars, for those of you that need that sort of thing…And the best part of this all is that since the participation has been so great the city has decided to extend the time limit to apply for the free memberships throughout the calendar year of 2016. So I don’t have to rush before year’s end to all the sites I have on my list.

Why Get The NYCID?

If you live in New York City, I urge you to take advantage of such a great offer to get out and enjoy so many of the great things to do here for free. If being a member get you involved in the arts at a discount, then here’s your push! Get out there and see the city and then tell me all about it !!!

If you have a program like this in your city I’d love to hear about it. Do you take advantage of the perks? Tell me in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “The NYCID Program Has Been Extended

  1. The perks with the ID sound marvelous. I know you’ll take full advantage of it. I’ll wave at you Friday and Sunday. We’ll drive through the city (not sure of the route until the last minute) and go to evensong at St. Thomas on Sunday.

    1. Oh you do visit a lot! I hope to see you waving! Sounds like a lovely weekend! I will try to take advantage of as much as possible. Those are things I would never be able to afford to pay for, at least that many. And you get to shop before you buy. There will ones that stick out and I want to continue with.

    2. It’s also fir the people who say that they can’t afford to do anything here, if you participate you’ll have a year if events that you won’t have to look for.

    1. I have one and need to travel to all the places for the membership. I’ve gone to Brooklyn Academy if Music and need to plan for the rest.

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