The State Of Tech: The Gadget-Lovers Tour Of California

Over the last couple of decades, many places have had the chance to cement themselves in the world of tech. From countries like Malaysia, where computer hardware is manufactured in huge quantities, the places like Berlin, where most of the world’s professional audio equipment is born, there will always be tech havens. Of course, though, none of them can compare to Silicon Valley and the areas surrounding it. To inspire you to take your own techy trip, this post will be exploring California, giving you an idea of the sort of tech companies calling it home.


Google: Even among those who don’t care for tech, Google has become a household name across the world, and most people will have heard of this giant. With the bulk of their most important offices in California, this is the best place to go if you want to catch up with Google’s work. Of course, though, you will need to wait for tour day to see their campus.


Blizzard: Moving into an area a little more specific, anyone who loves video games will have heard of Blizzard Entertainment at some point in their lives. Not only has this development house been setting the standards for modern games for many years, but they have also done the same in their offices. If you get the chance to visit, it will be well worth it, and most people will be amazed at the level of care which has gone into the space.


Tesla: Powering a huge part of the world’s electric cars, Tesla has quickly made a name for itself across California. If you’re a fan of Elon Musk, Fermont will be the perfect place for you, and the Best Western PLUS Garden Court Inn can make your stay a lot easier, putting you very close to the action. This is where you’ll find the factory responsible for creating the notorious Model S.


Intel: At some point in your life, it’s almost certain that you’ve owned an Intel product. Being the world’s largest manufacturer of microprocessors, along with loads of other claims to fame, Intel is a company any tech enthusiast should be following. With the recent launch of their Optane SSD lineup, there is a lot going on at Intel HQ, making it a place worth visiting if you get the chance.


Cisco: Finally, as the last company to consider, it’s time to think about a business which is responsible for a lot of your daily life. Being in charge of the huge amount of worldwide networking infrastructure, Cisco is one of the biggest Internet companies around the globe. Of course, though, this sort of stop will only be interesting to those with a real passion for technology.


Hopefully, this will inspire you to start packing your bags for a techy trip to California. While a lot of people think about the sun when they picture Cali, this state has a huge amount to offer for other interests, too. You just need to book some tickets if you want to take advantage of it.

Have you ever visited California? Was it centered around tech companies? Will you be adding tech companies to your next California visit? Let me know in the comments below.the gadget lovers tour of California, Rendezvous En New York

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15 thoughts on “The State Of Tech: The Gadget-Lovers Tour Of California

  1. I never knew you could tour these companies and yes, I am aware of all of them too, especially with gaming kids…or is that me lol. Love the image Trudy. And this would certainly make an unusual addition to a travel itinerary.

  2. Some of these companies are moving into Nevada, as well. It’s creating more jobs, but it’s also pushing the housing and rental market through the roof. Technology is essential, but some of these companies and the people moving here to work for them are why I’m looking into moving to another state so I can afford to buy a home 😢.

    1. I definitely am against gentrification. It’s happening to every neighborhood in NYC. It makes Mom’s and Pop’s disappear and every neighborhood loses its character.

  3. I knew them all except Blizzard, and I’m a lifetime video game player. Though I do avoid violent games so most of the developers I’m familiar is the ever glitchy Frontier and more independent companies.

    1. I love video games, animé etc. I think that I will always be a teenager in spirit. I don’t like the violent ones either. My favorite game ever is Kingdom Hearts, Sims, and Okami. And, I hadn’t heard of Blizzard either.

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