Tips On How To Afford Travel In 2019

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Happy 2019! If you are anything like me the holiday season came and went so quickly that there was barely time to take it in. And now that the new year is here, its all #newyearnewme on every social platform, goals for 2019, every magazine has a list of the top destinations for the year, people have already blogged or tweeted about their travel itineraries for the year creating wanderlust everywhere. But if you are travel fund challenged, like a lot of us are, all of these posts can have you feeling FOMO and you’ll wonder how its possible to afford travel.

Don’t worry, I got you! I have told you my tips for getting the cheapest flights and I think that its only fair that l share some tips to make it possible to satisfy some of those wanderlust cravings.

Afford Travel on Layaway

Expedia offers the ability to pay for purchases over $200 in installments. Did you know this?! If you did you were holding out on me. This is amazing news, since the closer you book to your departure date typically the more expensive a ticket can become.

Airfordable allows you to search for the lowest price for your booking and send a screenshot to lock in that price and pay installments on that price. After your down payment and a small fee, you’ll be billed monthly installments.

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Deals Can Be Found On Popular Websites

Websites that you have probably used for restaurants or gifts now have vacation packages at great prices as well. New to me deal aggregator sites like LatestDeals offers deals on lots of hotel packages and airlines. The best deals from all over the web are in one place instead of going to multiple sites. One tab open for looking instead of twenty.

Another website that does this is Groupon, I just happened to realize this after checking for a deal on manicures. And Costco has deals on travel as well but you have to be a member to take advantage an with their credit card you can get travel miles. That way you will be able to afford travel for the next trip.

Do you have any money saving tips that I may have missed? Drop the jewels on how you do it, we all need to save coins with travel expenses. Tell me your tips in the comments below so we can take notes.

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