Treasured Moments In NYC

autumnleavesSeptember is here and that makes me extremely happy because it means that one of my favorite seasons isn’t too far away, Autumn, and in that season are most of my treasured moments.

New York is beautiful at all times of the year but in the Fall there’s a crispness in the air. You can still do activities outdoors, dine al fresco, take long walks and window shop with your sweetheart without passing out from heat stroke. I can finally wear my chunky cable knit sweaters that smell of fresh laundry and fabric softeners. There’s a feeling of leisure to Fall that doesn’t exist in the chaos of Summer here. In this season there’s no pressure to pack everything into a weekend.
And as for indoor activities, there are choices, from entertaining, dinner parties, baking cakes, and pies with the last of the seasonal harvest. And the most popular of flavors in everything from coffee to lotion, pumpkin spice (personally I don’t get it but I think I’m the only one). It’s a season for cuddling on the couch wrapped in a throw and jumping into piles of crispy brightly colored leaves. What is there not to love and treasure?

Do you have a time of year that you treasure? I’d love to hear about your treasured moments of the year. Tell me about it in the comments below.

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21 thoughts on “Treasured Moments In NYC

    1. I agree that’s why I wouldn’t want to move to a place that has only Spring/Summer, it just makes me appreciate the rest all the more. But hey, I’m weird.

  1. Happy birthday!! À visit during the peak color of the changing leaves would be so wonderful! To go upstate and go hiking, stay in a cabin or go to vineyards.

  2. YES!!!! Autumn wins!!! I loved the trees on Long Island. Now in the mountains of North Carolina, there are even more trees to see. I’m with you on the pumpkin slant, Trudy. One daughter, the one who cannot taste anything, adores everything pumpkin. She comes for Thanksgiving — prime pump period — and I throw pumpkin in everything. That’s the only reason I’m glad she leaves.

    1. I love pumpkin as well but I don’t get the tea, coffee, incense, bath products, air fresheners and such. There is such a thing called overload.Eh, to each his own.

  3. I am really happy that your write about Autumn, it is also my favourite season. It is not only because I start staying late in bed and drinking tea again but also because of the transformation of nature and the amount of nostalgia that comes with it. I am definitely going to miss having 4 seasons. In my new life in Africa, any reference to seasons will be like “after/before” the big rains. Look what you did, I am already becoming nostalgic!

  4. I love the colder seasons more but we only have two here either its el nino or la nina …joking*. I love how the leaves in autumn unfurls its magnificent fiery colors reveal true beauty of nature then blanketing the ground in fall turning into a swarm of white snowy sheets in winter.

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