Trees in Bloom


Trees in bloom just make me happy, even though my allergies make me pay. Everytime I see a flowering tree, I have to take a snapshot. Am I the only one?
Rendezvous en New York

13 thoughts on “Trees in Bloom

                1. It definitely is! I went a little early in the season because Spring has just gotten a toehold this week and all the flowers weren’t in bloom but the Garden doesn’t bloom all at once because of planned planting anyway. But in the meantime you can check out my post on the Macy’s Flower Show in case I’m not done by tonight.

                    1. I can’t wait to get a decent camera, but I can make do with my second hand till then. Next is DSLR, then I can really play. What do you have?

                    2. I am using a Canon T5i. it has a common lens mount so any lens that I buy now I can use on the next camera provided I stay in the family. Nikon does the same thing. That way all I have to buy is the camera body and reuse the lenses.

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