Last Saturday.. Upcoming Post

This was my location, last Saturday, on a blanket under a set of big trees. There was a lovely breeze beautiful smiling faces around me, it was a lovely respite…Read More

Daily Quote

Sometimes things you see just resonate and after two days of rain in NYC, I feel this is true. But I love the rain still. How do you deal with…Read More

Today Was A Good Day

I’ve been trying to keep up with all the posts I planned to have published by today but other excellent things came first. I went to the Metropolitan Museum of…Read More

Trees in Bloom

Trees in bloom just make me happy, even though my allergies make me pay. Everytime I see a flowering tree, I have to take a snapshot. Am I the only…Read More

A Room With A View

My eyes are closed but it isn’t dark. My eyelids can’t shut out the sunlight. The smell of salt and seaweed fill my nostrils and the sounds of quiet and…Read More

The Tastes That Make The City in New York City

NYC on the Water

In a city like New York, there are so many cuisines and restaurants coming and going on a trend basis, its hard to keep up. Just trying to remember all…Read More