Asking for Help – Please Share and Help

I am posting this link for a very popular blogger, Opinionated Man at A Good Blog Is Hard to find. He’s been very kind to me as a new blogger…Read More

Rendezvous En New York at BAM

This is what I was surrounded by today, beautiful art, even more, beautiful people and delicious food. This is and more will be in a post coming up within the…Read More

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day

Today I’m multi-tasking, I am busy doing social media projects for the blog and attending to my mother’s every want. But, I wanted to make sure to send out well…Read More

Have You Ever Noticed??

Have you ever noticed how if you have your life well planned for the next couple of weeks, numerous distractions will appear to disrupt your once quiet boring life? My…Read More

Is it just me?

I am so cranky and tired. And I feel so burnt out. I’m staring at the laundry bags filled with clothes to fold and the effort that its taking to…Read More

Snow Shoveling Manners?

Snow Shoveling Manners

I’m ranting, I’m raving, I’m all kinds of pissed off that people have lost manners in general but especially when people are doing the back-breaking, heart attack inducing labor of…Read More