Where To Stop On Your Kentucky Road Trip

Beyond being one of the great American traditions, the road trip is one of the best ways to get a snapshot compilation of some of the states that get a little less attention than they should. Kentucky is the perfect example of one such state. You might not be able to name that one tourist hotspot in the state that’s worth making the trip for but, as we’re going to see here, there’s plenty to see and do if you’re willing to go out and find it.

Kentucky the Bluegrass State

Delve deep into the scenery

The Bluegrass State is well known for some jaw-dropping natural beauty spots. You can see some of the best of it as you’re first arriving, as well. If you’re coming from the North, then why not stop and try out some of the fine kayaking available all along the Ohio River? If you’re coming from the east, the Appalachian trail can take you across some of the finest mountain terrain in the entire country. But one of the best spots of the whole state has to be the Mammoth Cave Park. Not only do the caves themselves offer a fascinating deep dive into some of the most dramatic underground structures around, but the state park has plenty of flora and fauna to admire, too.

Explore the local tastes

When it comes to the cuisine of Kentucky, you will get a hundred different answers from locals if you ask for the best place to try signature dishes like burgoo, Derby pie, or Kentucky-style barbeque. However, there’s one trip that offers not just a fantastic range of different restaurants, but a little liquid history to go with it. Find yourself a hotel near Kentucky Bourbon Trail and you’re well on your way to not just a host of distilleries, but a trip into history to see where bourbon first came from tons of great restaurants, and even craft activities. Ever wanted to try distilling your own whiskey? Then, you’ve come to the right place.

Have a day at the races

Kentucky is full of great towns and cities and if you want to experience the Bluegrass in the Bluegrass State, you can find it just about anywhere. For a more unique local experience, however, Kensington is a must-visit destination. The Kentucky Horse Park is a fantastic family destination, with seasonal parades, riding lessons, and races. Take a trip over to Louisville in May and you can get involved in the Kentucky Derby as well. Not only is it the most renowned horse racing event in the whole country, but the entire city transforms for two weeks with a festival building up to it, as well. For all you equine lovers out there, Kentucky is your state.

From good food to good drink, exciting sports that you might not normally get the chance to see, and natural beauty well worth diving into, there’s no doubt that Kentucky has plenty to explore. Make sure these stops are on your route when you’re planning your next road trip.

Have you ever considered visiting Kentucky? I can admit that I hadn’t until doing some research. But who wouldn’t want to see the natural beauty and the history? What would be on your list to see in Kentucky? Tell me all about it in the comments below. And keep up with me across social on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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20 thoughts on “Where To Stop On Your Kentucky Road Trip

    1. I was researching it. That is where I’d like to go, to the mountains and try to hike it for a view like this. I’ve always wanted to photograph something this majestic and be somewhere this peaceful.

        1. I hope so too. I’m going to look into if there is a train route that goes through there. I think that would be spectacular! Have a great weekend too, Sabine!

          1. Trudy, there is a state park in Cumberland Ky, that you can get tons of great photos at one of the many overlooks or the “log rock” They also have various trails for hiking and a driving trail to see even more. And another great place in Ky is Berea Ky, they have lots of arts and crafts and many places in town to actually experience learning how to make the crafts yourself, not to mention the spoonbread that The Boone Tavern serves is the best around. I hope that you get to enjoy Kentucky soon. You can check out that state park on you tube its called Kingdom Come State Park. I hope I helped.

            1. Thank you for all those great tips and advice! I’ll take note of everything you’ve mentioned. Have you been to the park and hiked the trail?

  1. Kentucky must be a step-sister for me. She was just above me for the first 21 years of my life. Now she’s been just west and a little north of me for four years. I’ve used her getting from one place to another.

    My family went to Mammoth Cave when I was a child. It was a magnificent experience. Maybe some day we’ll drive in the Kentucky mountains, but for now we enjoy the ones we live among.

  2. I’m afraid to stop in Kentucky cuz I have this fear that some hillbilly woman will kidnap me and take me back to some holler to make me “New Pa”. scary!

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