Why Am I Here?? Blogging 101

Don’t misunderstand my question. It’s not the big, “Why am I here?”, Creator and creation-wise. It’s the version of the question, “Why I decided to create this blog and what compels me to keep blogging?” .
Here are a few different reasons why I started to blog, and I’m sure I left something out:
1. Numerous people began suggesting it for years before I had or saw a need or a want to.
2. It may come across as big-headed but I have a lot to say on a lot of different subjects and I like having discussions with people who can put a full sentence together from all over the world and make new interesting friends (the non creepy kind) .
3. Any creative skill you work on consistently can only serve you, in my case writing, photography, social media and networking, in other aspects of my life.
4. It’s a visual diary of in-between daily life.
5. I love doing, learning, new things continuously, and I love NYC, so it’s the perfect Technicolor backdrop for my antics.
And I think there are enough , for now reason for why I am here. So hopefully my approach and my “charm” will keep readers entertained for a bit, think about trying different things and maybe smile a bit.

Until our next rendezvous..

Rendezvous en New York

7 thoughts on “Why Am I Here?? Blogging 101

    1. It’s my second time taking it , the first time felt kind of rushed so I’m giving it another go. I took it in March i believe.

  1. whohooo!Trudy. I am about to get started too. I signed up for photo 1001 too but decided to unsubscribe from that and give this one my focus to start with.

    1. I’m subscribed to both and I need to catch up with the pictures because I was working late last night. Good luck, can’t wait to read yours!

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