Why Do I Write?

“Why do I write…? Hmm.”, I wish all the answers would come so easily to me as I sit in front of my laptop staring at the word count. There are a hundred on any given day and zero when I’m asked.

I can tell you more readily what are not the reasons that I write, and in that would narrow it down:

  1. I don’t write to make myself into a person with a fictional life that is to be admired and adored.I’d rather you get to know who I actually am, instead of a photo-shopped copy.
    2. I don’t write to make my life seem exciting, it really isn’t that action-packed and that’s fine with me. Although, I do have awesome family and friends who keep me entertained. (Love you guys!)

         3.There’s no internal need in my psyche to prove that my vocabulary is better than yours even though I’ve been told I can be condescending. Whatever!

3.There’s no internal need in my psyche to prove that my vocabulary is better than yours even though I’ve been told I can be condescending. Whatever!


4.  And I don’t have the blessed gift for description like the author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who could describe a simple using two pages of metaphors, but I can tell you how excited a meal at a really good restaurant can make me.

I think I write because there’s not always someone to listen to my rantings in my home and I can almost bet that at any given time of the day there’s at least one other nut like me out there looking for a kindred spirit nut in the interwebs, and hopefully they’ll land on my page.

In all seriousness, I just like being creative in whatever way communicates my message the best, and my memory is like a sieve and I need to journal my life and experiences. Can you relate? If so I’d love to hear in the comments below
Until our next rendezvous…

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16 thoughts on “Why Do I Write?

  1. Hey Trudy, Great to be doing this course with you! You are the person who got me started on Blogging 101! Yes I can relate!!!!!! Looking forward to more posts!

    1. Thank you so much ! Yes I am taking two courses, I always feel like my writing needs work , and the structure helps me in a positive manner .Although this time for some reason everything has gotten in the way of courses, but I still try. Thanks for liking a nut !

    1. Yes they can. There are a lot of self hosted students there. No as many as wordpress.com but there’s a number everytime I take a course. Small businesses, journalists, photographers and travel blogs that gave a big following.

        1. I didn’t want to have rules, I wanted complete ownership, control over design,and in the future for advertising/sponsorship. It’s definitely a personal choice. How did you realize that I’m self hosted?

          1. Well, your primary address is not wordpress.com and then I remembered that someone else asked you the question some weeks ago. Then I was considering registering my domain name (although that doesn’t mean self hosting) and I decided to ask you. I am afraid of not being able to solve technical problems if self hosting, I am not what you could call a geek ?

            1. Neither am I, just make sure it’s a reputable company that offers 24/7 help and daily backups etc. so you won’t feel on your own. WordPress recommends Bluehost.

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