Why NYC Restaurant Week and Broadway Week Are A Must For 2019

Every year, in New York City there are a couple of magical weeks that make the city an even more exciting place. Those are in order of importance to me, Restaurant Week, Broadway Week, Fashion Week and a more recent addition is NYC Must-See Week.

These weeks the make the city more exciting, more delicious, and more stylish than usual. The thing that makes this year different is that all of these things are happening all at the same time. Also, all of the events except Fashion Week are more than a week long. So that give you more time to actually take advantage of everything that is going on around and let your head stop spinning.

NYC Restaurant Week

NYC Restaurant Week is a three-week span where the City’s trendiest restaurants all have special menus of prix-fixe of $26 for a 2-course lunch, $42 for a three-course dinner. Over 370 restaurants are participating this year, so it’s bigger than ever. The best part is that it has widely spread to the other boroughs instead of just being a Manhattan-based event which it was for years. If you want to start planning your “week” you can start here. NYC Restaurant Week starts on January 21st and ends on February 8th.

Thai Food

Broadway Week

Broadway Show Anastasia in NYC during Broadway Week , Rendezvous En New York

I can admit that I don’t get to go to a Broadway show very often and that is because of the expense. The most popular shows are really pricey and to be honest, unless you can lottery tickets or use apps like TodayTix , it isn’t worth it. But obviously, NYC is aware of the arm and a leg prices for us normal people. So that’s where the idea hatched for Broadway Week.

This year 24 shows are available to choose from ( two already have sold out today on the first day) for buy one get one free ticket. That’s more budget-friendly than the usual when you consider that for a show like the Lion King goes for $180 a ticket in the Orchestra section and when you add the restaurant, the night can easily end up being at a tally of $500. Uh, that is a no for me. So it all makes sense why a lot of New Yorkers wait with their fingers on the “Buy Now” button for Broadway Week every year. Broadway Week last from January 21st to February 10th.

NYC Must See Week

Must See Week is relatively new and allows you to get 2 for 1 tickets to a lot of museums, tours, performing arts, and tourist attractions all around the city. To be perfectly honest, this is the only way I would buy a ticket to the Empire State Building because I think attractions like these are ridiculously overpriced to walk around in a circle and take selfies. I know that’s a too cynical comment for most, but yeah I said it. Now with this event, it would be way more affordable especially if you are in a decent sized group. Must See Week runs from January 21st to February 10th.

NY Fashion Week is last but not least for the worldly fashionistas, hangry looking models, and aspirational style bloggers that have closets that put some department stores to shame. The streets of NYC get flooded with paparazzi on every Meatpacking District and Soho corner. And exclusive parties in the dozens. Check out the show line up here. Most shows are industry only now which cuts off accessibility to most. Don’t cry, really don’t unless you are dressed for the moment you’ll be lucky to get to rub elbows with the cool kids. Although I love the artistry of fashion, I don’t like the whole mean girls’ attitude. I’m good. NY Fashion Week runs from February 6th until February 13th.

Would you be down for any of these events? Tell me which one is your favorite and where you would go if you could in the comments below.

Why NYC Restaurant Week and Broadway Week is a Must
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18 thoughts on “Why NYC Restaurant Week and Broadway Week Are A Must For 2019

  1. I have been in NYC at Christmas time, there were beautiful lights everywhere and ice skating somewhere near Time Square — to me it was magical. Another highlight was people selling roasted chestnuts along the streets. It was during my first visit in 2003.

    1. The ice skating might have been Bryant Park. It is really beautiful here during that time of year. Will you be returning anytime soon?

      1. We lived in Queens only three years, and we were not rolling in money. We became parents of three children living 50 miles out of the city. Those were very limiting factors. Later I worked full time five days a week and part time the other two. That didn’t leave time for recreation in Manhattan.

        We’ve ordered tickets to hear the Vienna Choir Boys at St. Thomas in April. That should count, right? We’ll drive from NC for this treat.

      1. John went to NY nine times last year, mostly ferrying our grandsons. One graduated college in December, and the other started college in NC, about 2.5 hours from us. I went only once, to the graduation. This is a new phase for us, so we’ll see what works out.

  2. So many options! We’ve participated plenty in these “weeks” over the years. I’ll have to shake off the New Year’s rust, fend off the cold weather, and get in on a few things from each one. Good post, Trudy!

    1. I know that you would. I haven’t gotten close to the shows this year. I have nothing that cool to wear. People stand outside just hoping that they’ll be photographed.

  3. I didn’t know about the Broadway week. Restaurant week seems to go on in a lot of cities now, but those cities can’t rival NYC for theater.

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