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Do you like to wear sunglasses? Sunglasses are not only a great fashion accessory, but they are also crucial for protecting your eyes from the sun. If you are planning on buying new sunglasses soon, here is some important information that you should keep in mind when you are looking for your sunglasses.

What type of sunglasses do you need?

The type of sunglasses you need is going to vary based on if you wear glasses or not. If you don’t need glasses, then you can buy a regular pair of sunglasses that don’t have a prescription. If you do wear glasses, though, then you are going to have to consider what options you have for sunglasses. You have a few different options, such as sunglasses that will clip on to your glasses or that fit over your glasses. You can also get prescription sunglasses or photochromic lenses. Let’s look more specifically at prescription sunglasses and photochromic lenses.

Prescription sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses are just what they sound like, sunglasses that have the prescription that you have in your regular glasses in the lenses. A great reason to buy this type of lens over transition lenses is that they tend to block out more sun, which is good for your eyes. A disadvantage of prescription sunglasses is that you have to remember to bring them with you. 

Photochromic lenses

Photochromic lenses are lenses that will get darker when they are exposed to UV light. A significant advantage of purchasing this type of lens is that they are convenient because they will change for you, and you don’t have to carry around prescription sunglasses with you. A disadvantage of this type of lens is that it can take a while to adjust when the temperature is cold.

So, the first step in picking great sunglasses is to select the type you need. Of course, if you don’t wear glasses, then this is not a decision that you have to make as you can just purchase regular sunglasses. However, if you do wear glasses, then you have some different options to choose from. Hopefully, you now have some information that will help you pick between the different types, but you should also do more research to see which type would work best for you. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, so other than doing research; you should also consult your eye doctor.

UV Rays

There are two types of UV rays that can be harmful to your eyes; these are UVA and UVB rays. When buying sunglasses, you want to make sure that you are getting ones that will protect your eyes from these rays. So, when purchasing your next pair of sunglasses, make sure you invest in ones that have 100% UV protection.

Picking the lens color

Choosing the lens color for your new pair of sunglasses is all about your personal style. The lens color has nothing to do with how much UV protection the sunglasses will give you. So, pick the color that fits your style. Although the lens color has nothing to do with UV protection, when picking the lens color, you may also want to take into consideration that there are lens colors that work better for different conditions. For example, brown lenses can give increased contrast and depth perception and blue lenses can reduce glare. So, when you are picking the lens color, keep in mind what outdoor activities you do and then find out which lens color may work best for your needs. In selecting the lens color though, it can also just come down to your personal style.

These are some of the main things that you are going to want to consider when you are picking out your next pair of sunglasses. Some other things that you want to think about include the lens technology, the lens material, the frame material, etc. Of course, make sure that if you wear prescription eyeglasses that you consult your eye doctor when you are picking out sunglasses. Also, whether you wear eyeglasses or not, do some more research to find out more information about picking out the right sunglasses for you. If you love fashion and want to read more fashion articles, then check out this article about how to perfect the athleisure look. Sunglasses are both a great fashion accessory and help protect your eyes. So, make sure you take both of these into consideration when you are buying your next pair of sunglasses.

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