Yuna at Rough Trade NYC

Yuna Live At Rough Trade NYC

In October, I took my nephew out for his birthday and being the super Aunt (Tati) that I am I got tickets to a concert at a local record store/venue. The venue was Rough Trade and yes it is a record store, meaning that they actually sell pre CD vinyl records.
Rough Trade NYC

image Rough Trade NYC

And in addition to the record store, there’s a coffee bar, book section, DJ booth and a performance area with bar in the back. The performance area was standing room only on the floor and limited space on the balcony.

The performer we came to see was Yuna. I found out on a lark that Yuna was at Rough Trade and I had to make this happen. My nephew and I have been fans of hers since her first album, Lullabies, and I was so happy that I could surprise him with the tickets. She is an amazing singer/songwriter. She had the whole crowd captivated. She’s so charming and sounds better than her CD and prettier in person. She glows. Everyone there knew all the words and sang every song with her, as you’ll hear in the video. And after I made this video, I realized I committed the cardinal sin of shooting it vertically. I ask you all your forgiveness.


She gave a great show and because the merchandise wasn’t delivered she told the crowd that she would stay and take pictures with everyone after the show even though she came in from Malaysia and was sleep deprived. I loved how humble and gracious she was to us. My nephew took a picture with her and he was totally embarrassed that I mentioned it was his birthday, family is supposed to embarrass you after all.

Yuna and the birthday boy
Yuna and the birthday boy

Here is my favorite song from Yuna, “Live Your Life” which she ended the performance with but I didn’t get good footage of it. So instead here’s the video.

We had a great night and we couldn’t get over how great Yuna’s performance was and how intimate the venue made it. I can definitely say Yuna’s performance at Rough Trade made my nephew’s birthday special. Have you been to see any performances lately? Do you prefer a huge venue or an intimate one like this? Tell me all about it in the comments below, I can’t wait to hear about it.

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    1. Happy Thanksgiving Sabine! Thanks I took the pictures with my new at the time phone so I’ll have to rely on that till I get a new camera. I do hope that you get to check her out!

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